Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualization

architectural visualization

Infield of architecture, visualization is the act of representing a new construction in an easily digestible way, often before the building process has even started. This can be done on paper / printed (physical) or on a computer screen (digital). But also a video, animation or maquette are ways of Architectural Visualization.

In all designs, whether it is architectural or not, the process of “visualization” does not stop. What I mean by this is that visualization is not an end in itself. The process of design and visualization should be iterative, where design alterations are made as a result of insights gained through visualization… leading to the next version of the design.

exterior architectural visualization

Visualization has always been a painstaking process, with architects, artists, and designers of all disciplines spending countless hours making their representations of the future as realistic and attractive as they could. It is with new technologies, new techniques, and cutting-edge software that visualization has been democratized, allowing for more realistic representations than were possible even a few years ago to be made in hours or days instead of weeks or months. The unique ability of visualization technologies and the ensuing capabilities of architecture firms has made it possible for builders, designers, developers, realtors, contractors, management firms, and all real estate professionals to show their designs and dreams for better and more beautiful spaces.

Architectural Visualization are made with the help of 3D software here a list some Softwares Best for Architectural Designing and a quick comparison between Free vs Paid 3D Softwares.

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