Is Unity Engine Good for You


For those who are not aware of the Unity Game Engine, here’s a description
The Unity game engine has often been referred to as the best video game engine for under a million dollars. It was created by Unity Technologies in 2004 as a development tool for their game, GooBall. It was later launched in 2005 at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.
Unity 3D is an all-in-one platform for mobile game development. It has gained tremendous attention from the game developers community with its quirky features, supportive pricing, and strong capabilities. With its ability to function as a cross-platform game development tool, it saves developers time that would otherwise be spent in developing games for individual platforms.
So basically, Unity is:
A game engine, which allows you to run the games you create in a different environment,
An application where you put together the visible parts of your game with a graphical preview and also use a controlled ‘play it’ function and
A code editor

The Ease of the Unity Editor
The first thing you will notice when you create a project in Unity is just how visual everything is. This is an engine that focuses a lot on simplifying the game development workflow, and nowhere is that more apparent than with the Unity Editor.

Excellent Choice for Cross-Platform Development
Unity is excellent for cross-platform development. Cross development platforms are trending much these days. It is really time-consuming and demands lots of efforts for developing native apps. Platforms like Unity have made the process quite simple and easy to use when compared to previous times. Using cross-development platforms, a single script can be compiled and used for many platforms.

Amazing Asset Store & Tech Support
The assets store is also reportedly great when compared to other platforms. Basically, tech support for Unity is efficient. The tech support members are also highly skilled and they can be relied upon in case of any technical issues.

Lesser Development Time
The unity graphical editor makes it easy to design, layout unity scenes, insert objects, scripts, light effects, etc. It reduces development time significantly.

Easy to Learn
Unity has a very low learning curve and can be adopted by the developers seamlessly due to the abundant Unity documentation. Multi-lingual texts and video tutorials are available that make it a great experience.

Ease of Rendering
Unity is the best app for Game development. It is very effective while rendering 2D scenes. In this era of visual treats, Unity can very well be used for rendering 3D images also. The quality offered is also relatively good compared to other apps.

Easy to Distribute Unity 3D Apps
Unity cross-platform game engine also helps to distribute the apps to the appropriate stores and track user analytics.

Supports LAN Gaming
Unity 3D development facilitates the smooth deployment of multiplayer games online with real-time interaction, chat, sharing scores, etc.

Unity has a fairly easy to grasp interface. While writing code in Unity, you can create logic around an object that can simply be set by dragging the codes in the IDE. In symmetry with this idea, an object through the IDE can be recovered via code and is available for logical conditioning. This allows quick tests, prototyping, and balancing while the game is being built.

Unity goes out of its way to make the game-building process simple and hassle-free. It gives you a set of tools for common image processing tasks when importing new image assets. Also, Unity directly imports MAX files

Thriving Community of Unity Developers
Unity community comprises forums, feedback, answers, and issue tracker. It provides developers a stage where they can share the knowledge, experience, have the discussion and sometimes, may even get help.

Cost Efficiency
The Price of Unity is very less when compared to all its other competitors. You can use all of Unity’s functions for free if the annual revenue of your organization is less than $100,000.

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