How to win with Whiteboard Animation


Whiteboard Animation is Simple and Affordable
A simplified way to tell a story without using confusing graphics or overly complex characters and settings, whiteboard explainer videos are also quite cost-effective, allowing small enterprises to afford them as they grow their businesses to full potential.

whiteboard animation

On-The-Spot Creation Charms
Whiteboard animation uses drawn images to create characters and environments, making images come to life as the viewer watches. With every new line comes a new and fulfilled idea, which keeps your viewers eager to keep watching and discover what will come next.

Whiteboard Animation is Guiding
Mayer’s Signaling Principle says, “people learn better when cues that highlight the organization of the essential material are added.”
Whiteboard animation follows this principle with the cue of a drawing hand. It gradually reveals information, so it works well as a signaling mechanism to direct viewers’ attention.
The effectiveness of the drawing hand is supported by recent research. Instructional technologist, Selen Turkay states that the cueing mechanism of the whiteboard hand facilitates “overt attentional allocation to direct learners’ attention to important content, making educationally important aspects salient.”

Easy-to-Understand Content Educates
With their almost childlike appeal, whiteboard animation is extremely useful for educating your potential customers, helping them understand your topic easily, whether you are telling your brand story, or explaining why they should use your product or service.

The Science
Every human brain has mirror neurons. When viewers watch a video of images being drawn, they feel involved in the process. The completion of each image releases an extra dose of dopamine making viewers feel that they themselves have finished creating the image. As a result, whiteboard animation really draws the viewer into the story.

To get another business’s attention
Did you know that whiteboard animation videos are just as effective for B2B marketing? The industrial-yet-casual look-and-feel of whiteboard animation lends itself remarkably well to a corporate environment.
Whiteboard animation services can give you a significant edge over competing companies when you approach other businesses with your offer.

Easiest to Distribute
The distribution of digital video is incredibly simple. A video can be uploaded to many platforms an infinite amount of times. It can be sent in an email to consumers or link to your YouTube account. The entire world can take part in your company and the video can work its magic every hour of every day. Reaching your audience has been easier than ever.

Whiteboard animation is rewarding
Along with Mayer’s learning principles, further research helps to explain why whiteboard animation is a powerful learning tool.
The step-by-step revealing process of whiteboard animation encourages learning by engaging the viewer in an active way. When they see the drawing hand, the audience anticipates receiving information. As information is gradually revealed, it draws viewers in with the reward of the completed drawing and the finalized main point of each lesson.
Psychologist Richard Wiseman explains how this rewarding pattern can help us learn better. “You’re just making people go ‘ah, this is fun.’ Suddenly, it’s not so much work and that only makes them have a better time and, more importantly, it means the information is just going in,” says Wiseman.
Wiseman’s research shows that whiteboard animation does actually lead to greater retention. His study determined an astounding 15% increase in recall in the test-takers who viewed a whiteboard animation versus those who didn’t.

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