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It’s the dawn of a new decade, and new logo trends are already in the spotlight. The up-and-coming logo design trends 2020 are a mashup of old and new.
The logo design trends for 2020 will continue to build on everything designers have been exploring in the last few years, while also taking the design in directions that are totally new, totally fresh, totally right for an all-new decade. That said, great design does not exist within a vacuum! Looking at what’s working for other brands can help spark ideas that you can put your own spin on.

80s Throwback Logo Designs

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Enough time has finally passed for all things the 80s to be cool again: video games, pop music, and the attitude that came with them. In 2020, expect to see a resurgence of 80s throwback logos with a lot of chrome, a lot of neon and a lot of pixels. Whether you like it or not it depends on your preferences but you can’t deny the attraction of a retro-style logo whenever you see one. Throwback logos are popular because they capitalize on consumers’ nostalgia.
Old-school 80s tech is officially old enough to be retro, cool and most importantly, collectible. As people build up their cassette collections again and clear space in their living rooms for vintage arcade cabinets, logos are getting in on the fun, too.

Negative Space

Negative space designs can be executed in a wide variety of artistic styles. And, they are adaptable to a wide range of backgrounds, since negative space allows the background to peek through and become part of the design. Designers continue to embrace the challenge of purposeful negative space in logo design – and we expect to see this continue into 2020. A negative space logo is a design that utilizes the background of an image to create another image.
This negative space designing is a unique and ingenious way to convey multiple thoughts and visions.

Metal / Engraved Logos

Using metallics in logos such as gold and silver is a sign of a high class and sophistication. In 2020, the metallic effect will be an absolute hit in logotypes and logomarks. The combination of metals and engraving for the physical version of the logo (on business cards, labels, marketing materials)
creates a feeling of exclusiveness and custom-tailoring. Gray too plays an important role in the logo world, especially when it is shined to a silver finish.
Car companies like Mercedes-Benz and Honda use logos that feature silver.

3D and Isometric Logos

By depicting a 3D object on a 2D surface, the main advantage of these logos is that they create depth. Combined with other trendy looks, such as gradients,
outlining, bright colors, we will definitely see a lot of isometric logo designs in 2020. Creating a 3D logo for your brand to enhance the attractiveness of a logo to attract customers is a good idea. It creates a much positive impact on the brand; at the same time, it replaces all the traditional and conventional logo designs which seem similar to other brands. A 3D logo not only attracts customers towards your product offerings but at the same time it showcases the company’s values, standards and overall vision of the company.

Multi-layered & Overlapping Logos

Logos are going deeper than they’ve gone before, through layer after colorful layer. With this trend, designers are pushing past flat and semi-flat design.
Shapes and colors will still be simple, but with more layers to play with, designers are creating more complex logos that use highlights, shadows and overlapping colors to communicate even more about their brands. Simple forms being combined with complex multi-layered overlapping schemes make the logo design look deeper.
To provide unusual solutions for brand uniqueness, digital artists undertake bold color experiments, deriving surprising results out of color blending.

Playful Minimalism

Minimalism is a design approach that utilizes existing elements, maximizing simplicity and capitalizing on space. The technique is found across creative mediums from visual arts to music and literature, and of course, in the design of all kinds. All minimalism reduces its subject to just the visual essence. This makes minimalist logos very adaptable to a wide variety of backgrounds and mediums – making them very functional. This new breed of logos enjoys all of those practical benefits while also eschewing the coldness of traditional minimalist designs. They’re more accessible – and in our opinion, more fun.

Gradient Logos

Instagram, Firefox, Asana, and Tinder…what do all of these brands have in common? A colorful gradient logo design. Though there tends to be controversy around gradients
(some say they’re cheesy or dated), it’s clear that if done well — and for an appropriate target audience — these types of designs can make a splash. Gradients often give logos more of a 3D effect, which can make a design pop off the screen. However, we don’t recommend choosing a gradient logo only because you want to stand out or because it’s trendy.
It needs to fit your brand identity — and, more importantly, resonate with your target audience.

Symbolic Logos

A symbolic logo design uses a symbol as an abstract representation of a business. The symbolic logo or iconic logo is not like a letter logo, which is much easier to reproduce later, a symbolic logo is more suitable for a new start-up company or organization. You can create and design stunning and significative imagery for the logo, which may give your audience an impressive picture of company figures and express a strong interpretation of company culture. It only contains imagery objects that express an interpretation of what the organization or company conveys. And symbolic logo can be captivating, eye-catching, and it also works well as a stand-alone logo (just an image without text) or can be accompanied by your company, organization or product name.

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