Why Infographics Works for your Company?


What you (company) need is something that can really grab your targeted audiences’ attention and you can do so by presenting Infographics. This highly graphical visualization tool is an innovative way of displaying content
that can attract the attention of your targeted audiences and be easily understood and digested by them. Instead of telling them your story using scrolls of words, you present your message using visual tools combined
with innovative design elements that will truly give your audience an awesome visual experience.
Infographics (a clipped compound of “information” and “graphics”) are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.
They can improve cognition by utilizing graphics to enhance the human visual system’s ability to see patterns and trends.


Infographics Can Increase Your Brand Awareness
Infographics are designed to include relevant information about the creators which usually include the logo, website address, email, or even contact information. This is truly a very effective way to increase your brand awareness and if used properly can easily increase your traffic by at least 12%, as some publishers have experienced in their campaigns. Infographics go beyond merely “telling” people about what your brand, products, or services are – it “shows” them with visual content which is far more effective than mere paragraphs of text.

It’s a Better Way to Stay Visible for a Longer Time
By the end of 2014, the number of active mobile connections surpassed the total world population. Looking for mobile-optimized content? Infographics come in a common portrait format, which is ideal for scrolling.
Infographics are perfect to bring your content to phones, tablets, and other upcoming mobile devices. With a long shelf life and its appeal to readers, infographics can stay relevant and be shared months after going live. Yes, infographics are the evergreen content format that you’ve been looking for

Infographics are Portable and Easily Embeddable
One of the greatest characteristics of an Infographic as a visual element is its portability and inherent design to be easily embeddable. By including an embed code with your posted or uploaded Infographic, people can then easily integrate that embed code right into their blogs or websites.
The embedded Infographic is automatically linked to your site, aside from the attribution and other backlinks they would include for using your material.
On top of that, Infographics are designed to include short, easily understandable text just to emphasize an important piece of information. This simplicity makes Infographics more palatable to non-English global users, making them understand your point through pictures instead of texts.

It’s a Better Way to Reach Maximum Coverage & Attract Traffic
Infographics are the champions when it comes to sharing. Being pinned on Pinterest, tweeted and favorited on Twitter, shared and liked on Facebook, embedded in blogs and other websites, infographics can reach every corner of the internet. What’s better: This incredible dispersion of infographics increases their chance to go viral.
Print can’t go digital, but digital can go print. Infographics can easily be exported to presentations, posters, brochures, leaflets when necessary as giveaways to your customers.
As Einstein said, you can explain something simply if you understand it well enough. Explaining matters with appealing and easy-to-understand infographics helps to build your credibility. People would notice your thought leadership and you can build a following.

Infographics Position You as an Expert
To present content in an easy to understand manner, Infographics make use of tables, graphs, charts, and other relevant information. This signifies the amount of research the creator poured in to produce the content they need.
This will highlight how knowledgeable the publisher is in this particular subject matter – and establishes the creator as an expert in this field. This will increase your online credibility and reputation as a business owner who has a key grasp of the concepts and relevant information in a particular niche.

Infographics Can Make Your Content Really Go Viral
Information compiled by MDG Advertising highlighted that for content marketing, materials with visual elements like compelling images or graphics can generate 94% more views than simple text or content that does not contain any images.
The same report also highlighted that press releases can generate up to 14% increase in page views if the article published contains a photograph. If the press release can include both photos and videos, and even greater 48% increase in viewership can be expected.

Key Takeaways of Infographics
Infographics are the champions when it comes to online sharing. They don’t only help boost search engine rankings of websites but also enhance your brand awareness.
For the print world, infographic can easily be exported to posters, brochures, leaflets when necessary as giveaways. For the mobile world, content as infographics is perfect for phones, tablets, and other upcoming devices.
Infographics help cover “heavy” topics in an enjoyable way. People rather look at an infographic than read a lengthy text containing the same content.
Facts & figures lend authority and give readers a tangible point of reference. Visuals help readers process the content more efficiently. Making infographic with these is a sure-fire way to carve your story in the audience’s memory.

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