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Ultimate Vector Graphics Software Solution Guide


Vector graphics are the graphic that is made by mathematical statements that place shapes, and lines in either two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. One of the stand-out qualities of vector graphics is their scalability. Vector graphics software is the program that is used in order to create and produce vector graphics.
Vector graphics tools are often used to create high-definition illustrations for use on the web, in games, and in other multimedia.
Vector graphics are computer graphics images that are defined in terms of 2D points, which are connected by lines and curves to form polygons and other shapes.

Best Softwares for Vector Designing

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Adobe Illustrator
Illustrator’s biggest strength may be its customizable interface system known as workspaces. Every single element of the interface can be moved, docked, or hidden, and you can create multiple custom workspaces that are perfectly configured for different tasks. If you want to do some freehand illustration, you’ll want different tools ready at hand than you would if you were typesetting a logo. Even if your project requires both of those tasks, you can quickly switch back and forth between your custom workspaces and several presets that Adobe has configured.

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It is also the name of the Corel graphics suite, which includes the bitmap-image editor Corel Photo-Paint as well as other graphics-related programs.
As a design program, CorelDraw provides users with different tools to create original images or drastically edit them. Some of the things users are able to do with the program are QR code generation, page layout, and adding various special effects.

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Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer remains one of very few rivals to the Adobe Illustrator. And, as a one time purchase for Windows or Mac, it costs less to buy outright than three months of a Creative Cloud single-app subscription.
Affinity Designer’s attractions are enhanced by a surprisingly complete iPad edition (see our Affinity Designer for iPad review), and the ability to roundtrip Designer documents to Affinity Photo or edit them directly within page layouts in Affinity Publisher. Adobe’s apps, with their diverse histories, can’t match this integration.

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In one word Inkscape is AWESOME. If you know how to use it, you can do wonders with it. Literally, wonders. It is free, has tremendous power, produces high-quality vectors graphics in the league of illustrator, very effective and powerful, full of features and pretty much everything Illustrator offers, an excellent tool if you are a hobby, professional or freelance graphics designer.
But it is not as well respected as Illustrator in the market & big firms. If you are looking for a job on the basis of Inkscape it will be tough as most companies use illustrator and prefer designers who are proficient in that.
But if you know your way around Inkscape, the learning curve on Illustrator will be immensely reduced.

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Gravit Designer
Gravit is another free vector graphics program, but unlike Inkscape, it’s not open source. Curiously, this seems to have spared it from the user experience issues that plague some free programs. It also has the unique distinction of being available for the widest set of operating systems, and it can even run in a web browser.
While it’s vector drawing tools are fairly standard, they do offer an excellent degree of control and ease of use. The interface is clearly designed and responds automatically to the particular tool you’re using, which is a nice touch. It can’t respond to pressure information from a graphics tablet, and its typographic options don’t use standard units, but these are minor issues.

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Hailing from the Netherlands, Sketch is a Mac-only vector design program with a focus on creating interactive prototypes of web and app designs. The kind of working design that Sketch produces lets your clients get a better feel for how everything looks and responds. That, in turn, empowers them to provide more useful feedback on the functionality (user interface, or UI) and user experience (UX) and consequently allows informed approval in advance of the development stage—curbing frustration and saving time and money.
Sketch is a full-fledged tool born for designers who create screen-based design experiences, and it does this masterfully. With its familiar (for Mac users), intuitive interface, and easy cross-collaboration between designers and their clients, Sketch has earned its sound reputation as the go-to prototyping tool, because it facilitates and expedites the design validation and approval process.

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Invision Studio
Invision Studio has gone where no other design tool has been before. Combining power vector tools, a rich marketplace, Artboards, and animations, You get a package of one that would be 5 different programs.
Going beyond tradition, Invision Studio includes a Marketplace in the application itself to install icon toolkits, design toolkits, whenever, whatever you want to.
But You’ll be required to login to Invision to use Studio for now. But after logging in, you should be able to access Studio without any hiccups. Despite its amazing portfolio, Invision Studio lacks Linux support – a boon for some people but Invision has openly said they will support it when there’s demand.

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