blacklight photography

Everything you need to know, Blacklight Photography

Blacklight photography looks phenomenal if done right. This technique has its own unique appeal. And can produce rather surreal effects. Let’s talk about what goes into clicking a blacklight photograph.

blacklight photography

What is Blacklight Photography?

Blacklight photography is the technique of photography that involves shooting a subject under ultraviolet light. Human eyes cannot perceive, these kinds of lights easily. As they appear to emit very little light. Because the bluish UV light is at the very end of the visible spectrum (colors we can perceive with naked eyes). That’s why we cannot see much of the output as it is invisible to us. Fortunately, the Ultra Violet light can cause white or neon colors to produce visible light. Thus, making it glow that looks great when used with body paint.

Blacklight, or UV lighting, is a common sight in nightclubs. The use of ultraviolet lighting, makes white shirts radiate with a bluish glow. This makes Blacklight Photography is great for shooting surreal effects because black light has different effects on different materials. As a result, it makes the subject look completely different when shot under UV light.

One of the things to remember while trying to shoot in Blacklight is that the light source is quite dim. A studio setting and a black background are required to achieve the proper effect.

List of Items required to get Started

Some of the things listed below are pretty obvious but it’s good to have a checklist.

  • Camera
  • A blacklight
  • Phosphorescent Paint
  • A tripod
  • Penlight, or Flashlight (optional but useful for illuminating small areas)


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