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Do you want to learn Graphic Design, but do not know where to start? Don’t worry this article is just about that topic. Starting to learn a new skill is a daunting task, and it can easily become a burden for beginners. Nowadays, you can learn any new skill from the comfort of your home due to the abundance of learning material online. There are various dedicated websites that provide online courses for you to learn from. Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of Best Graphic Design Online Course.

Platforms that offer Graphic Design Online Course


Skillshare is an online learning community, it offers lots of courses in the form of educational videos. Skillshare courses are accessible with a paid subscription. Skillshare also offers 1 free month of trial. Some of the best Graphic Design Courses on Skillshare are listed below:-

Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn GREAT Design

The teacher of this course is Lindsay Marsh, she has over 300,000 students on Skillshare. This covers topics like color theory, branding, logo design, typography, photo manipulation, and so on. It is a beginner-friendly course with a lot of value for seasoned designers too. Lindsay’s teaching methods are thorough and easy to understand.

Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design

This course is all the Graphic Design Basics and Principles as the name suggests. In this course, all the lectures revolve around the core Principles of Graphic Design because a great foundation goes a long way. By having a solid understanding of Principles one can easily create inspired and functional designs.

How to Become a Graphic Designer – Complete Guide

As the name of this course suggests it is a perfect course to jump-start your Graphic Design journey. This course acts as a quick guide and walks you through the various steps to becoming a Graphic Designer.


Udemy is also an online learning platform and offers a wide range of courses to pick from. Udemy has more than 183,000 courses and 65,000 instructors. It has a Udemy Pro subscription which provides access to all the courses on the platform, or you can buy courses individually. Some of the best Graphic Design courses on Udemy are listed below:-

Graphic Design Boot camp: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

This course is created by Derrick Mitchell, in this course, Derrick teaches Graphic Design by creating a project-based environment. And tackles all the industry-standard projects with students like, custom logos, flyers, business cards, brochures, and so on. After completing this course you will have a great understanding of both print and web projects.

Graphic Design Masterclass: Learn Graphic Design in Projects

The creator of this course is Chad Neuman, in this course Neuman teaches about Graphic Design Principles and their application. This course also teaches the use of effective typography and how it can improve a design. Graphic Design Masterclass course also helps you in applying graphic design Principles in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create effective designs.

Become a Professional Graphic Designer

Become a Professional Graphic Designer by Stone River eLearning is one of the great courses present on Udemy. It is a sort of crash course for becoming a Professional Graphic Designer. This course provides an insight into the graphic design industry. It teaches what does a designer does at a job, what’s a successful layout for design, and so on.


Like other names mentioned in the list, Domestika is also an online learning platform. Courses on Domestika are more driven by creative for example, macrame knots, watercolor techniques, and so on. Its courses have more alternative topics rather than technical ones. One of the main drawbacks of Domestika is the language barrier. As most of the courses are not in English but they do offer English subtitles. Domestika offers the option to purchase individual courses. Some of the best Graphic Design online course on Domestika are as follows:-

Introduction to Sustainable Graphic Design

Introduction to Sustainable Graphic Design is a course by Nuria Vila Punzano. In this course, Punzano teaches how to take the design beyond the simple aesthetics. And she talks about topics like eco-design, circular economy, and sustainability so on. One of the main topics of the course is learning to reduce the ecological footprint of the design and reducing its environmental impact.

Composition Techniques for Graphic Design

This is a course by Javier Alcaraz, in this course, Javier talks about and teaches the use of key graphic design elements. And helps in creating a clear and attractive design structure. This course helps in learning and creating an effective graphic design composition for poster, website, album cover, and so on. It is a great course for learning visual composition.

Creative Patterns for Graphic Design

Creative Patterns for Graphic Design is a course by Giorgia Smiraglia, in this course, Giorgia talks about getting inspiration from the surrounding. And using it to create unique patterns and apply them to design and mock-ups. She teaches how to find design inspiration in nature, scenery, and so on. It is a great course for learning pattern design and creating your own visual identity through them.


Coursera is a massive open online course provider. Coursera provides various online courses, certifications, and degrees by working with different universities and organizations. It is estimated that more than 150 universities offer more than 4.000 courses through Coursera. Along with courses with certifications, and degrees Coursera also offers a lot of quality free courses to choose from. Some of the Graphic Design online course offered on Coursera are as follows:-

Graphic Design

This is one of the free courses offered by Coursera, instructor of this is course is David Underwood. In this course, David teaches about the things like the importance of recognizing good design, and how to learn from it. One of the main topics that this course talks about is learning from feedback and using it to make constructive judgments. It teaches to be confident and talk criticism in a positive manner.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Fundamentals of Graphic Design is also a free course and the instructor of this course is Michael Worthington. As the name of the course suggests in this course Michael teaches about the fundamentals of Graphic Design. And helps in exploring its aspects through visual examples. The course is divided into 4 main parts which tackle different topics. These topics are Imagemaking, Typography, Shape and Color, and Composition.

Graphic Design Specialization

This is also a free course offered on the Coursera. The instructor of this is Michael Worthington, this course provides all the fundamental knowledge and skills required for being a graphic designer. It is a great course if you are looking forward to learning about interface design, editorial design, and motion graphics. This course also teaches and helps in drawing inspiration from the history of Graphic Design.


Unlike others on this list, Canva is not a dedicated online learning platform but is a Graphic Design platform. It is included in this list because Canva offers great graphic design courses through its Canva Design School. Courses on the Canva are free as of now, you just need to signup on the platform to access them. One of the free courses about Graphic Design available on the Canva is listed below:-

Graphic Design Basics

In the course, Graphic Design Basics the instructor talks about various topics. But there are some key points such as what is the meaning of the design, why design matters, and how to think like a designer. This course helps you in learning designing to communicate, and how graphic design goes beyond the language barrier to communicate the message. It helps in unlocking your creativity and using it to make designs that enable you to communicate visually.

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