Popular Softwares to Create Anime

If you are hooked on anime & have a story that you want to create yourself or you are looking to step up in the anime industry then these softwares will change your game.

Storyboard Pro


If you’re looking for an awesome storyboarding tool, packed with tons of features, Toon Boom Animation’s Storyboard Pro has your back! Easy enough to use for beginners and powerful enough for even the most advanced Storyboard Artist. Storyboard Pro is where every great story begins. Used by storytellers globally for decades, Storyboard Pro empowers you to get your ideas down, structure the sequence and elaborate the story so it can be shared, pitched and promoted on your terms. This an all-in-one storyboard solution combines drawing, scripting, camera controls, animation creation capabilities and sound. Seamlessly integrating with Harmony, Storyboard Pro is the way to get your content off the ground quickly and easily.

Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint Pro is the perfect program for artists on a budget since it doesn’t cost very much but still provides plenty of vector and brush tools for you to create professional-looking comics. This program isn’t the easiest to learn, but with some dedicated practice and time spent learning from tutorials, inexperienced users can become proficient. It’s intuitive, especially if you know Adobe programs. Paint Pro comes with plenty of predesigned graphics to make the creation process easy, and the library of over 10,000 assets is very welcome.

Adobe Animate

Adobe products are usually considered the gold standard of programs used in creative applications, and for a good reason. They’ve consistently been well-supported and extremely versatile, while Adobe remains an industry leader in developing new artist tools for computers. Adobe Animate (also known as Animate and formerly Flash Professional) lives up to the brand reputation. It’s got many tools for animation it’s hard to know where to begin, as well as every file type, export, modifying tool, or plugin you could dream of.

Moho Pro

Moho Pro 12 has really come a long way and brings many new features into the program. Moho was formally Anime Studio but they went back to the original name because Moho is so much more than anime alone. It’s a professional animation software that could do any style with ease Anime, Toon, Cut-Out, Photo Animation, and more! Moho Pro 12 is the professional go-to software for professionals and hobbyists hell even a complete beginner with or without artistic skills can come in and make something. Watch out Flash and Toon Boom you have a real competitor that beats your softwares with no questions asked. Well to be honest Moho beat flash ever since version 8 of Anime Studio. Now it’s a competitor and in my opinion better than all versions of Toon Boom. The only plus to Toon Boom is the drawing tools and even then if you learn the drawing tools of Moho and get used to it they can easily beat Toon Boom. As an overall software for animation Moho wins!

Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is a promising and powerful video editing tool. It offers professional services to give excellent VFX and motion editing. I highly recommend this tool it’s the greatest and best editor I ever used. The software is the industry leader in the field of video compositing. The best part of this is there are tons of tutorials available online.

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