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What is Logo & know its Importance and Uses?


What is Logo? It is not a very hard question to answer. We all have a basic understanding of what a logo is. In simple words, it is a brand image. A typical logo consists of images, shapes, texts, or a combination of all three. One of the main purposes of it is giving identification to the company, product, brand, or service it represents. Thus, creating a brand image to protect the property of the company.

Some key points worth remembering about Logos:-

  • They consist of images, shapes, texts, or the combination of all three.
  • They provide brand image/identification to the company.
  • Logos are the face of the business or company.

Paul Rand on “What is Logo?”

A logo doesn’t sell (directly), it identifies.”

Components of Logo

They are made up of different parts and below is the list of Components essential for a Logo design.


colors in logo

It’s a proven fact that colors can trigger emotional and behavioral responses. Thus, they play a very important role in any design. Their use goes beyond the aesthetic appeal. They effortlessly tell the audience if you are playful or serious, time-less or cutting-edge, or innovative or wholesome.


logo design typography

The text or written portion of the logo is related to typography. Typography deals with the use of fonts, readability, and appeal of the type in the design.


logo symbols

The graphical portion of the design is often an Image. And it can range from a simple arrow to a detailed/abstract depiction of anything. For example animals, products, etc. An image can also be an icon, symbol, or perhaps representation of services or products provided by the business.



Taglines are short phrases that often give the company, program, product, or service a strong sense of identity. Businesses use taglines to make a statement about who they are or what they are known for.

Principles of Designing a Logo

Some simple principles to follow while designing a Logo for a great design.

It should be SIMPLE

The logo must be simple and easily recognizable. It can be identifiable at first glance. Good logos are unique without being overcomplicated.

It should be MEMORABLE

A good logo design should be easy to remember and must be memorable. This can be achieved by keeping the design simple and relevant to the business.

It should be TIMELESS

An effective logo design should be timeless and must avoid trends. The design should last the test of time.

It’s design should be VERSATILE

A Company’s logo appears from on a pin to a plane. Thus, it needs to be versatile for a variety of use from various colors and sizes.

It should be APPROPRIATE

Every company has a logo that represents its brand. However, logos need to be appropriate not only in a legal sense but also with regard to the market and competition you are targeting.

Types of Logo

There are mainly 7 types of logos. The types of logos are distinguished based on the focus of the design elements used in them.


The logo designs which include crests, badges, or seals as the dominant design element falls under the Emblem Logo category. These logos have a traditional feel to them. Some popular Emblem logos are NFL and STARBUCKS.

Letter Mark

The dominant element in the Letter Mark logo is the text. They primarily consist of brand initials. They are good for the purpose of promoting the company name. Some popular Letter Mark logos are HBO, IBM, and ESPN.


The Abstract logos are all about expression, they are used to showcase something particular about the brand. They do not mimic any real-life object in the design. Abstract logos represent the brand in a unique manner. Some of the popular Abstract logos are PEPSI and POLAROID.

Pictorial Mark

The Pictorial Mark logos are also referred to as Brand Mark. These logos are made up of symbols or icons that represent a real-life object. For example, APPLE and TWITTER.

Combination Mark

Combination Mark logos as the name suggests are made up of the combination of text and images, or symbols. They are best used for reinforcing the brand. Som of the popular examples are, HUAWEI and PIZZA HUT.


The logos which are font-based are referred to as Wordmark Logos. They are closer to Letter MarK logos in design but they focus on the business’s name instead of initials. Some of the Wordmark logos examples are AMAZON and FEDEX.


These logos consist of the image of the mascot of the business. Due to the use of the mascot in the design, these logos become highly relatable and connect easily with the audience. Some examples of the Mascot logos are KFC and PRINGLES.

Different uses of Logo

It is placed anywhere within the domain of the company. For example, products, services, marketing material, websites, ads, and the various things associated with the brand.

Business Cards

A business card is a tangible way for the customers to remember the company. Thus, they must be branded with the logo.

business card



Displaying the logo on the company website increases brand visibility. And the customer instantly knows who they are visiting.



All the material used by the company should always include a clear presentation of the brand symbolized by the logo.

Marketing Material

marketing materials

Brochures, Ads, Social Media Posts, Product Packaging, Newsletters- any marketing material should have a Logo design placed in it at the visible place.

Now you must be able to answer the question of what is the logo? And you can go on your own design journey.

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