How to make money as a Graphic Design Student

How to make money as a Graphic Design Student


Having a little extra pocket money or a side income can go a long way for students. As students tend to be on a tight budget, A little extra cash never hurts and can even help in buying the resources necessary for study. If you are a student looking for ways to make money as a graphic design student, then read this article as it is about how to make money as a graphic design student.

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The Internet can be used to promote our work worldwide, especially if you are a designer. People are opting to search the internet for services and contracts rather than going out to find them. If you’re a skilled professional in your field, the internet can be a great tool to help you make extra income online. Here are some ways to make money using graphic design as the main tool.

How to make money as a Graphic Design Student

01. Offering Design Services

Registering on various platforms online is a great way to start your career as a graphic designer and make money quickly. A client presents a brief detailing their design needs. You will then receive a notification with the details about the job. And you are free to apply for the job and can submit your designs according to the requirements. If your design is selected, the payment will be sent directly to your account. If not, you can submit your proposal to your portfolio.

Some Popular Platforms

99 designs

Creative War




Envato studio

02. Graphic Design Courses for Sale

Online courses are becoming more popular than ever. More people want to learn online, and they are willing to pay more to get it. Graphic Design, which is 80% digital, lends itself to remote work.

If you believe you are an expert on a subject and have a passion to teach, you can create your own course online to make extra income. “Passive Income”.

Some Popular Platforms




03. Making and Selling Web Templates

You are a graphic designer who is part of a small group that has knowledge in web design or development. Selling templates or themes in Html or for Blogger or for WordPress is an excellent option. Since you only have to create a template once, you can sell it as often as you need.

Some Popular Platforms



04. Blog and Youtube

This is one way I love to make passive income. You create content similar to the one you’re reading and drive traffic to your website or blog. In addition to the income you can earn from the articles you publish, new customers can be found asking about the service that you provide in the post or article.

How to make money with your blog

This is the main way most blogs generate revenue and not just graphic design blogs. You can insert advertising in your blog articles or videos on your YouTube Channel to make them more popular.

Referring is another way. Just as there are many platforms for graphic designers online and the sale web templates, you can make a commission on each subscription or sale made by someone who was referred to your blog.

The sale of promoted articles and mentions on social networks. If you manage a blog or community, regardless of your topic, you can register them in one or more marketplaces. They pay you to create articles or make mentions on the social networks that you manage.

05. Creating eBooks and Guides

Find a niche that is useful and create content to solve a problem. And includes an Ebook, audio, worksheets, and some more to offer your potential customer. It can also be very interesting to offer fixed-price packages for your services from your website. You can also make tutorials that you sell on your website or on websites such as Envato Tuts+.

06. Printable Designs

You may have thought of selling t-shirts if you’re a designer. You can upload your design to platforms such as Society6 and Threadless, and they will print and send it to you.

07. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn a commission on every sale of a product/service that you recommend through an affiliate email or link. You can sign up as an affiliate with a hosting provider like hostinger and refer the product to your clients. In this way, you will get a commission if they use the service. As a complement to your website creation, you can make agreements with other professionals. You will receive a commission if they hire the service.


The price of a service will vary depending on where you live, who you are working for and how competitive it is. Graphic designers have been known to charge much lower prices for their services over the years because they can afford to do so. Other than offering up design services you also have other options and tools to earn money by creating courses, ebooks, templates, and so on. So get started with any or all of the methods listed above.

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