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List of 10 Easy Web Design Software and Tools


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The trouble of making a web page in the past was a lot more than it is today. Making a site has never been more simple and easy. Today the quantity of web pages or blogs accessible on the Internet is in the millions, and all due to the tools with which to make and design a site, any user can make a web page very quickly. Also, assist us with doing things that we could hardly do so quickly, assuming we needed to learn HTML5, CSS3, PHP, or Javascript. In this article, we list the easy web design software and tools with the goal that you can find them and begin utilizing them if you want to create your own site.

Among this list of easy web design software and tools to make sites, and web pages, there are a few different types, for example, HTML code editors or specific web tools that will assist you with designing your site.

List of 10 Easy Web Design Software and Tools

Online editors

01. Wix:

It is certain you’ve known or heard about Wix, and why not, it is one of the most famous tools to make websites online that will give you astounding choices to create. This platform helps you with its visual editor that permits you to design without any knowledge of programming languages. One of the main drawbacks is that its free version offers limited features. For more advanced features and benefits you will have to get a premium version.

Wix offers you various choices to customize your site and play with various components to accomplish your objective.

02. Webnode:

This is a tool to make websites or webpages that could not be excluded from this list since it offers incredible features so you can make a totally professional website in minutes. And it is all thanks to its easy-to-use tools, that make designing your website very easy. With Webnode, you can easily design a multi-language platform that will effectively adjust to any language. And it offers different versions ranging from free to professional.

If you are searching for the best program to make web pages for free, this is an extremely fascinating choice to consider.

03. Weebly:

Weebly is an online editor tool like Wix. Its interface has a classic web editor feel to it, in spite of the fact it also offers features that allow you to adjust the elements in a simple and easy manner, that is by clicking and dragging or just by modifying the content inside the visual editor. If you are looking forward to creating a website using Weebly then you will have to get the premium version of it.

It offers a wide range of templates to choose from, so you can pick the one that best suits your necessities, and by basically moving components you can make a site quickly.

04. Google Sites:

As the name suggests this option is presented by Google itself and provides us with an application to make a site in a simple manner. With Google Sites, you can work with great templates, without needing to have any knowledge whatsoever of HTML or CSS. Among all the different Google tools available to you, with Google Sites, you will be actually able to make a site all according to your needs, with a wide range of multimedia elements at your disposal. And by connecting your website to other tools offered by Google you can enjoy the best advantages.

In the event that you are searching for a free, strong, and top-notch tool, this can be a seriously fascinating choice, and the one and only thing you will require is to have a Google account to use it.

05. Jimdo:

Among the tools for making websites or web pages that you will find in the market, this will constantly be an amazing choice. It is mainly oriented toward e-commerce, and you will actually be able to design your virtual store in a very quick and easy manner and the best part is that it will be totally free. It is an amazing option for little and medium-sized businesses that would rather not spend a significant amount on the design of their stores. And there are paid options available too, they are a better choice if you are looking for high performance.

This platform can be customized in simple ways, and get the design you were searching for on your site, guaranteeing that you can constantly have the highest profits.

HTML editors

06. Adobe Dreamweaver:

Adobe Dreamweaver is the most popular and most used web editor by designers. Being a software provided by Adobe, it is highly compatible with other Adobe software, for example, Photoshop or Illustrator, which makes Dreamweaver a more than a recommendable option if you want paid software. It is an optimal device assuming you know about HTML5, CSS3, or PHP. Its workspace is very agreeable and comfortable even for beginners. And this program is a helpful tool that you can use on both Windows and Mac.

This software was perhaps the most used in previous years, however in the present market, with countless such options that are so simple to use, it has lost a ton of ground in the field of web development.

07. Kompozer:

Kompozer is a free HTML editor. An extremely flexible and versatile tool that is great if you use it as a complement to other applications. Although you can also design a website with it by using HTML. It is extremely valuable to save time while making HTML elements, for example, navigation bars, link lists, custom buttons, or galleries. It is an optimal editor to begin diving into HTML5, CSS3, or PHP.

CMS (Content Management System)

08. Joomla:

Joomla is a free CMS based on PHP that permits you to produce dynamic sites. Its administration panel permits you, to install layouts and modify your website by modules, so with a little effort, you can get excellent results. It is a tool generally used predominantly to develop e-commerce sites, albeit in actuality it is utilized for various purposes (blogging platform, personal website, POS, e-learning websites, and so on). In any case, it can be hard to use for medium/low skill users since its administrative panel is not actually as intuitive as that of other CMSs.

09. Drupal:

Drupal is another CMS framework based on PHP and it is compatible with MySQL (like Joomla and WordPress), which can be used for various purposes, although it has been inquisitively used for creating communities and participatory websites. It helps you in building websites by utilizing layouts, templates, and modules (there are thousands accessible). However, its learning curve is quite steep, since it is a tool made by developers for developers, so if you are searching for a simple to use and intuitive CMS system, then maybe Drupal isn’t the most ideal choice for you (although that does not mean that you cannot learn how to utilize it).

10. WordPress:

WordPress is the CMS framework generally utilized by Internet users and the one with the biggest share in the market in terms of usage. Not at all like Drupal and Joomla, its interface is considerably more intuitive, so most normal users who need to use a CMS to create a site will generally turn to this tool. WordPress at first arose as a blogging platform, however, it continuously advanced to the point that it can now be utilized to make any kind of website. There is a large number of templates available and many widgets and plugins that permit users to upgrade their websites without the need for coding.

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