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What Web Design is all about? Easy Explanation


If you have been wondering what web design is all about? then firstly answer the following questions. Have you at any point come across a website while browsing the internet, that you thought of closing or leaving because the design did not engage you, or the typography and how the content was spread out was not to your liking. Also, what about sluggish and slow sites that don’t open up on your smartphone or tablet when you are in need of fast access to content? Every one of these experiences makes the experience of the visitor terrible and this leads to a fall in the conversion rate of visitors to clients. So to make sure that this doesn’t occur with your personal site, or organization’s site, you should have a quality web design. Furthermore, to figure out what web design is all about, and the upsides of investing resources in the website design, check this post out.

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What Web Design is all about?

Web design includes the work related to the layout and design of online pages and websites, as well as the development of content. Generally, content creation is all about the creation of the website. To achieve their goals, web designers used markup languages like HTML or XML. And, the visual portion of the site is achieved through the use of CSS. So this is common for the designers to use both to create a website. Web Designers can also use the site creation tools like Adobe Dreamweaver and CMS which are content administration platforms. 

What are the key elements of Web Design?

Whenever we discuss web design, some elements are essential and these can’t be absent from the site. These elements are listed below:-

01. Responsiveness

As the number of individuals who access the web by smartphone is increasing, it is vital that your website should be responsive and able to load on smartphones, and tablets, as well as on desktops.

02. Readability

You may have come across emails that are in text block format and how dull and boring they are. Because it is written in a single paragraph. Likewise, it also goes for the website content too. The content on the website should be clean, interesting, and easy to read. 

03. Typography

Suddenly if we change the font and color of the text from this point on it will look bad and will not be a great experience. All things considered, a change in font and color wouldn’t fit with the remainder of the content. So, the use of typography should be consistent.

04. Speed

Nowadays, when everybody is in rush having a fast-loading website is a must. As indicated by Google, websites that require over 3 seconds to load hurt both the client experience and the indexing of the site.

What are the benefits of quality Web Design?

The advantages you can have by putting your resources into a professional web design are listed below:-

01. Great First Impression

The website acts as the introduction of the organization in digital media. Each time a potential client comes, businesses stress over making a great first impression. Likewise, with your site, it is the same. A website should be a quick impression of the business. An unpolished site cannot provide a decent experience to the clients and can make them even think that the organization is obsolete. This will make them search for offers like yours from rivals who have a superior site.

02. Better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is about the organic optimization of the website among search engines. It is one of the digital strategies used for driving traffic to the website. Whenever anyone needs to know about something particular they tend to search for it on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Generally, these clients will visit the first website that shows up in the search result. And if your site is not up to date, and does not contain important and valuable content then it will not get indexed by the search engines. With the lack of proper SEO, your site can show up between pages 5 or 6 instead of page 1. Thus, having a good SEO is essential and a good strategy to produce new clients without depending on paid media promotions and advertisements.

03. Competitive Edge

Having a professionally made website helps you stand apart from your competition, you can be the first in your niche with a site, and with the chance that your competitors do not have a site as great as yours. This will generally keep you a step ahead in the digital world. Sometimes your opposition scarcely starts to understand the advantages of having a professional site. On the other hand, by taking the initiative you will as of now have laid out your online presence and will go to be a reference in the market.

04. Faster Communication with Client

Nowadays, the internet is easily available to everyone on their mobile devices. As a result, having a fast and simple way for clients to find your contact information like contact number, address, or email is a very big business advantage that sites can offer. What’s more, potential clients can without much work can find what you do and what services and products you can offer them. And they can also make purchases and request services through websites.

What work does a Web Designer do?

While it’s generally believed that a website designer is responsible for developing elegant, completely practical, and functioning sites, they work on more than that. Website designers have in their work routine to generate designs for design media and make content. That’s why they should break down both the client’s necessities and objectives to set up a site to give the users the best experience. Moreover, it is essential for website designers to know how to embed designs, use languages like HTML, and update the website when necessary.

Since you have remained with us till the end of the article, now you know what web design is all about.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Question:- Is web designing easy?

Answer:- Web Designing is complex and can be quite daunting. But thanks to the advancement and development of technology and internet has become easier than ever. One can easily find various resources on the internet and learn about web design and designing.

Question:- Is coding necessary for web design?

Answer:- Web Designers are required to have some knowledge of basic programming languages, for example, HTML, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Flash, and JavaScript. Freelance web designers require to have more coding knowledge. And the web designers working with an agency work in a team most of the time alongside programmers and graphic designers.

Question:- What are the 3 types of web design?

Answer:- The main 3 types of web designs are Static, Dynamic or CMS, and eCommerce.

Question:- Which language is best for web design?

Answer:- Some of the best web development languages are listed below,
01. Python- Python is one the most versatile and powerful multi-purpose languages which are also used for web development.
02. PHP- It is also one of the best languages used for web development. PHP is a general purpose and dynamic language used for the development of server-side applications.
03. Java- Java is an OOP language that is very versatile and used in android development.

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