Graphic Design or Web Design

Graphic Design or Web Design, What’s the difference?


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Each advertising organization employs various professionals, among which designers stand out. Designers may follow or work through one of these two design disciplines graphic design or web design. In any case, not every person knows about the difference between graphic design and web design, there is a common misconception that the two disciplines do similar work.

They work on somewhat similar concepts, yet each discipline has different workings, and paths and they fulfill different goals. In this article, you will get familiar with the difference between web design and graphic design so you can pick the discipline and path that best suits your requirements and interests. Let’s get to it,

Graphic Design or Web Design

What is learned?

In both graphic and web design it is critical to know about the key concepts of the use of color, pictures, and texts to convey ideas to the audience. What is different is the tools used and the use of the two disciplines.

Graphic Design

A Graphic Designer needs to learn how to create, and develop communication strategies by following a set of rules and principles. And designs are achieved by combining fonts with symbols, images, and colors to create advertisements, corporate identity kit designs, brochures, and so much more.

In this way, graphic design is all about the use of PC tools to design and deliver printed or digital material. So, you need to learn how to work with pictures or images that can affect the potential customer and create intrigue in the public so they purchase an item or utilize a service.

Inside the profession of graphic design, there are various specializations for the people who are searching for something more specific. To such an extent that there are the individuals who solely focus on publication design, corporate design, publication design, packaging, photo editing, and, so on.

Web Design

Not at all like graphic design, website design is 100 percent digital, since in web design you learn how to make an application or web page. The designer should have the ability to manage the ideas, and concepts related to web design, for example, interactivity, navigation, and web architecture to accomplish effective and efficient communication with the client.

Website Design is a more specific discipline than graphic design, the main reason for this is that work is constrained by the internet. And, it is substantially more complicated, due to the fact that you need to learn how to use a programming language, for example, HTML, JavaScript, and PHP to further develop the UI.

There are two specialties within web design namely, Front-end web designer and Back-end web designer. The Front-end Developer is accountable for putting the visual piece of our site, mainly what the client sees. Utilizing programs like Illustrator and Photoshop, laying out web pages with the HTML and CSS language. While the Back-end web designer controls, and manages the part that the client does not see, utilizing programming languages like Javascript, PHP, MySQL, etc.

Professional Positions

One more huge distinction between graphic design and website design is the work position that every professional possesses. The professionals who decide to join and work for an organization work on the positions listed below:-

Web Designer

Each organization, company, or business requires a website designer to assist them with the production of their website, whether it is a virtual store or a digital application to interact and connect with clients.

This is the way how an expert in web designing can work in an advertising agency, which deals with clients who need a great connection point(website or app) that makes it easy and simple for customers to buy on the web or request services through the contact page.

Assuming you decide to work as a freelancer, you can offer your services to an organization or small business that needs a website designer to make their page or update the one they already have and make it more simple and easy for their clients to make purchases from their online store.

Graphic Designer

Other than working in an advertising agency, a graphic designer can also get employed in a publication house, printing company, or any organization that needs their services to make banners, pamphlets, advertisements, packaging, logos, and so on.

Generally, graphic designing is about designing and creating the graphics and visual content for advertisement campaigns and generating content for social media. Graphic designers may have to work alongside advertising agencies and branding organizations.

As a freelancer, graphic designers offer their services to companies in creating their corporate identity, designing or updating logos, and making ads, and flyers to catch the attention of potential consumers keen on buying an item or service.

What to pick?

The difference between graphic design and web design is that the former envelops more broad ideas and is fit for a wide array of graphically oriented activities. The second, then again, is more specific and requires knowledge of programming languages to work on projects.

To pick either discipline, it is critical that you know how to recognize their differences, yet, know your own inspirations and career goals. Which one is it that draws in you the most? The visual creation? The user interface?

If you take an interest in art-related things, design, and everything connected with the visuals, then graphic design should be your pick. Be that as it may, assuming you like to focus on websites, then the ideal situation will be to consider the web design.

You can also choose to begin with graphic design to get fundamental ideas about visual language, color theory, and typography. From that point on you can decide to learn a website design or select some niche topic to learn and acquire knowledge on.

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