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The Best 2D Animation Courses Online


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Are you interested in learning animation? You don’t know where to start with animation. Learning something new isn’t as difficult as it used to be. There are so many resources online. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading. We have compiled a list of the best 2D animation courses online so that you can become an animation expert.

List of The Best 2D Animation Courses Online

1. Domestika – Online 2D animation courses

This course offers free online 2D animation. Certificates are available for all courses. This 2D animation course can teach you programs such as After Effects, vector animation software, and GIF makers. It also teaches how to create animated videos for social media. Learn how to use Adobe Animate 2D animation software, including how to create animated titles and logos, as well as how to adjust pacing and composition. Check the prerequisites before you begin your course to ensure you have the right software and tablet.

Price range: $9.99 – $34.99

Time frame: At your own pace

Beginner / intermediate level

2. Pluralsight 2D Animation Courses and Tutorials

Pluralsight offers free online courses in 2D animation. Videos are available for beginners as well as those who have some animation knowledge. Pluralsight classes are based on software like Unity, Photoshop, After Effects, and After Effects. Pluralsight also offers paid courses for After Effects CC and Maya. You can access the many resources of the service by paying $29 for a basic subscription.

No cost

It can last between 33 minutes to 54 hours.

Beginner / intermediate level

3. 101D Animation 2 Courses

This course offers free online 2D animation courses. Autumn Leave Films is a film industry veteran with over 10 years of experience. They have a large collection, of almost 30 2D Animation 101 courses. This group of animators enjoys sharing their tips and tricks on every stage of animation. 2D Animation 101 offers eight courses and free, proprietary animation software. The “Free Step by Step Plan” is particularly appealing for those who are just starting out in 2D animation. The lessons are 10-minute long and include online tutorials in 2D animation, tips, and recommendations on how to use the software.

To test your knowledge, you will need to complete eight tasks. This course is one of the 20 best online 2D animation courses for beginners.

Prices range from $27-$397

Time frame: At your own pace

beginner level

4. 2D Animation Tips and Tricks

This course is free and offers certificates. This online course in 2D animation is recommended if you are interested in a career as an animator. The weekly content will be sent to students by Dermot O’Connor (the course curator) who checks in every Tuesday to share animation secrets with them. These animation secrets will help them create separate animations or complete animation scenes in a seamless manner. It’s faster and easier than ever before. He will be able to use delays, overshoots, and basic gestures to create realistic movements.

Additionally, you will learn to draw different body shapes and different movements. This course is one of the 20 best online 2D animation courses in 2021.

Monthly cost: $29.99

11 hours

Beginner / intermediate level

5. Skillshare: 2D Animation Tutorial for Beginners using Adobe Animate

This course offers free online 2D animation classes with certificates. Walt’s online course teaches 2D animation. This course is for beginners. It teaches you how to create animated characters using basic principles and clear examples. This tutorial covers many topics including vector art basics, animated nested animations, and adding audio to animations.

This course is for people who are interested in animation for personal or professional reasons.

It costs $99 per annum.

It takes 3 hours

Intermediate level

6. Aaron Blaise – Complete Animation Course

This online 2D animation course offers free online courses and certificates. Aaron Blaze’s online 2D animation course is well worth the time. Aaron Blaze is one of Disney’s most skilled animation specialists. He has worked on classic Disney films like Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King. He was also the co-director of Brother Bear. Aaron’s online course consists of 13 videos in which he guides students through the 12 fundamental principles of animation that were developed by Disney’s Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and others.

Blaze also offers a six-lesson course that explains his method of animation. Aaron creates animations live while explaining the process. You will also find a range of PDF and video sources that will allow you to expand your animation knowledge, create new scenes and enhance your skills. This course is one of the top online 2D animation courses in 2021 and offers the best courses for beginners.

$50 (USD)

Time: 20 hours

Intermediate level

7. Nate Wragg, Character Design for Animation

This course offers free online 2D animation courses and certificates. Eight-week Computer Graphics Graduate Academy (CGMA), will show you how to create realistic and interesting characters. Nate Wragg was the curator of the extensive course. Many have seen Toy Story. The main character was created by Wragg. This course explains how to create strong, beautiful characters that are well-suited for animated scenes.

Start with basic shapes and move on to more complex design elements. The course is not about animating animated characters, but rather creating them. The course costs $699 to enroll. You will also need Photoshop and a Wacom tablet or something similar. This course is one of the top online 2D animation courses in 2021 and offers the best beginner animation courses.

The cost of the service is $699

8-week duration

Intermediate level

8. 2D Animation in Moho

This course is free and offers certificates. This course is about character animation using Smith Micro’s Moho. The instructor will explain the interface, settings, how you can get started and how to create your first characters. He’ll learn all he needs about character tracking in Moho. These tips will help you prepare for animation as quickly and efficiently as possible. Next, advanced animation will be done using top-notch tools and professional tricks.

The price is $12.99

It takes 4 hours

From beginner to advanced

9. Udemy – Cinematography Essentials for 2D Animation

This online 2D animation class is free and offers the best online animation courses. These 2D animation classes online cover topics such as shot types, frame compositions, camera angles, motion, and motion. Learn how to make scenes look more professional and how you can add characters to the frame. In detail, you will learn about the concepts of panning, tilting 2D, the rule-of-thirds and dialog coverage. You can request a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with the course. This course is for beginners who have no previous knowledge in animation.

The price is $12.99

28 minutes long

High Intermediate (High Intermediate) (High Intermediate)

10. 2D Animation Advanced Diploma

This class offers 2D animation online for free. This 2-month 10-D animation course was created by DreamWorks artists and Disney. This course prepares students for careers as industry professionals. This course will provide a deeper look at the best software, including Toon Boom Harmony. The best studios use this program. Character design is a key component of curatorial work. You not only get a guide that includes exercises and suggestions, but also constant feedback to help you make mistakes and reach your goals.

Monthly cost: $1185

Term: 9 Months

Advanced level

11. Skillshare: Professional Character Animation

Skillshare offers a free 2D animation course online. It will show you how to create animated characters in After Effects. This class will teach you how to give your characters a natural, polished look. You will learn how to manipulate your characters to make them stretch, squish, and rotate left to right. The Skillshare course costs nothing, but it is only valid for 14 days. You can also use the two-week free trial to get rid of some items. This course is one of the 20 best online 2D animation courses in 2021. Courses for beginners

12. How to Animate 101 (Animator island)

This online 2D animation class offers the best online animation courses. There are no limits to how many animated characters you can make with 2D animation. Animations of robots, dragons, soldiers, robots, and aliens are possible. This class will teach you how to animate. The course will begin with basic animation skills and progress to more advanced techniques. If the class is long, the instructor may create a complete 2D animation. It encourages you to log in as often as you can so that you receive updates about the course. The course has many advantages:

  • Animation principles and theories can be viewed free of charge.
  • Animation exercises and animated examples are available.
  • Frame-by-frame animation and interpolated keyframe animation

14. Storyboard (Skillshare).

This class is the best online 2D animation course. This course teaches students how to storyboard for film, television, and animation. This course will cover everything you need about storyboarding for animation or film. Learn how to draw characters and camera angles. You will also learn how to create scenes and make them flow together. No matter what your passion is, you can learn how to draw, cartoon, draw, comics and movies. This course will teach you the concepts and techniques that will make your career successful.

15. Introduction to 2D Animation Frame by Frame: For Beginners (Skillshare).

This class is the best online 2D animation course. This Skillshare class will help you learn the basics of 2D animation, both frame-by-frame, and general animation. The classes will focus on the basics of animation, such as frame rate and navigation with Adobe Animate CC. This course taught you how to create 2D animations using extreme drawings, breakdown drawings, and other techniques.

The course is designed for illustrators and designers who have little to no animation experience. Learn 2D animation. This course is one of the 20 best 2D animation courses online for beginners.

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