how to earn money with graphic design

How to earn Money with Graphic Design?


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Graphic designers don’t have to go to college in order to make a living as graphic designers. Future clients and companies won’t care much about the school you attended. They will only be interested in your portfolio of design work. So if you are asking yourself how to earn money with graphic design then continue reading this article.

How to earn Money with Graphic Design?

Graphic designers can make a lot of money online, regardless of what niche they are in. We have listed 10 ways to earn money with graphic design. This list will help you to start earning with graphic design.

Creating and Selling Templates

This is one of the best ways to make passive income as a graphic designer. This approach allows you to create any type of template, whether it’s for posters, invitations, or eBooks. You can then sell the templates online. These products are popular with bloggers and small business owners who don’t have the time or skills to design their own designs. After you have set up your template store, it’s possible to start making an income by simply marketing your products.

Offering Workshops and Webinars

Online learning is a growing trend. I’m certain many of you would be interested in attending an online workshop “How to Make Money as a Graphic Designer”. You can sell online training, workshops, or courses if you are a graphic designer and feel that you know enough to share your knowledge with others. Even if you are only able to talk about the basics you can still help a lot of people while making some money. Teachable, for example, is a great platform to create online courses.

Selling Stickers

Small sticker shops are booming due to TikTok’s popularity. You only need Photoshop or Canva to create text-based stickers or an iPad to make illustrative ones. You can create stickers by using drop shipping. This means that you don’t need to pack and ship them yourself. For logistics, production, and sales, you can employ an external provider and earn income. Society6 and RedBubble are the best places to sell stickers. Hosting your own website using your designs on Shopify is also an option.

Become a Design Consultant

You might consider becoming a design consultant if you are looking to make a living as a graphic artist with high-priced products. This is essentially a way to sell an hour or so of your time to someone looking for your opinion on graphic design ideas for their business. You will set your hourly rate, advise clients and potential designers, and point them in the right direction.

Creating and Selling Fonts

If you’re interested in typography, fonts can be a great way of making passive income as a graphic designer. You can create fonts with just your handwriting. These fonts can be sold on Etsy or Creative Market for as high as $100.

Making Logo Templates

You can also create and sell templates similar to how you would market templates. Many small businesses can create their logos this way, even if they don’t have the budget for custom branding. They simply need to open the file, change the colors and words, and they will have their logo.

Offering Custom Branding

If you are in high demand, branding can be one of your most expensive services as a graphic designer. They can run up to $4000. These design packs contain a custom logo, color scheme, and fonts. They also include other elements that can be used to help brands identify themselves.

Selling Printable Designs

If you sell printables online via Etsy, it’s easy for graphic designers to make passive income. Printables can be made for students, teachers, and travelers. Printables are digital products, which means that you can automate the process of sending a PDF copy to the customer immediately after they have purchased it. Shipping is not an issue.


If you love working with clients, this is the right route for you. You could work with clients to design logos and then help with the design of a magazine.

Creating Custom Content for Social Media

Another popular way to make a living as a graphic designer is by creating custom social media content graphics. You can help people with social media by selling pre-made templates or Instagram highlights covers.

Finding Graphic Design work for Free

It’s now easier than ever for people to search online for jobs. These are the top places to look for and find graphic design jobs.


You can easily create your profile, set rates, and connect with customers around the globe through Upwork’s intuitive interface. Upwork guarantees that all contracts will be honored according to its protection policy.


Fiverr, like Upwork is another popular platform for freelancing online. However, it works in the opposite direction. Fiverr allows freelancers to create premade packages for services starting at $5 and increasing with tiered pricing. This website offers a wide range of graphic design packages.


Flexjobs is a great website for remote work. Flexjobs has around 1,000 graphic design jobs at any given time. They offer a variety of industries so you can choose what interests you most.

Facebook groups

Facebook Groups can be a great place for graphic designers to search for open positions. You can find daily posts by people seeking help in a variety of nomad workgroups or freelance groups. Remember to do your research before you submit a proposal.


Although this social media platform is not often considered a good place to find freelance work, its job posting board does have its share of freelancing jobs. LinkedIn is a great place for small business owners to network with others who might need your services in the near future.

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