easy ways to make money at home as a graphic designer

Easy ways to make money at home as a Graphic Designer


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If you have the heart and soul of a designer. Why not make living teaching? You have the chance to share your knowledge and earn your dues. You can easily make it work from the comfort of your home. All you need is your computer and the desire. So let’s see easy ways to make money at home as a graphic designer.

List of Easy ways to make money at home as a Graphic Designer

01. Skillshare

Their motto is “anyone could teach”. Although we aren’t as optimistic as they, we encourage you to try it. Register, record your class, and then upload it to Skillshare.

You will find guidance and help to improve your tutorials, and so refine your teaching skills on the platform. Unfortunately, the platform currently allows you to access tutorials in other languages. We recommend that you use English. This is the only way you can guarantee more students to your courses, and therefore more money at the end of the month. Teach the world about what you know, and what they are interested in learning.

02. Youtube

You can start your own YouTube channel if you are looking to share what you know. You can also showcase your skills on this platform. The key to success on these networks is consistency. Find your audience, and be proactive in responding to students via the comments and on social networks. You will eventually make money with your channel and videos if you have patience. Youtube has a page that explains how to monetize your account.

03. Be a blogger

You could be a celebrity by starting a web-based or teaching blog. Your blog can become a success if you are consistent with your content uploads, give a few turns to SEO, and work hard to build networks that will help you get visibility. These points, along with others we have provided in this article, will help you to create a website or blog that is successful.

If teaching and explaining are not your forte, but you have the heart of an illustrator, you may find a job in the amazing world of online freelancers. How can your illustrations be valuable on a variety of platforms? Enter the magical world of print on request.

04. Society6

This website prints everything printable. They can print any product you need, including comforter covers and t-shirts.

Upload your work here and they will take care of everything. They will sell, print, and ship it. Each product you sell is sold to you, and you receive a commission. Relax and think only about design.

05. Stampable

Society6 is very similar to a platform. What is the difference? Estampable prints only your designs on wallpapers and textiles. You don’t have to be a master of patterns. Estampable has the right job for you. This could be a great job that can make you a lot of cash. You don’t have to follow the instructions if you want a place on their design team.

06. Threadless

You can find everything from T-shirts to pins and notebooks to skateboards. If you are a skilled illustrator, this is the place for you. They will be a hit if you make funny, clever, cute, or ironic designs.

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