Top 10 Graphic Design Websites

Top 10 Graphic Design Websites


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Are you a graphic design professional looking for inspiration to build your own online portfolio? You can never have too many design ideas as a graphic designer. It can be difficult to know how to make your next poster, website, or brochure stand out. The Internet is full of inspiration. This curated list contains the top graphic design websites that will inspire you to create your own. These are the top 10 graphic design websites that will really inspire you.

Top 10 Graphic Design Websites

01. Alex Coven

He puts it on his homepage. Chicago-based Alex Coven is a graphic designer, web developer, and letterer. Coven explains what he does right from the beginning. His website is about simplicity and clarity.

His design is simple but effective. Scroll down to see his work. Each project is colored by Coven, making the website both easy to use and visually appealing. It is also noticeable that Coven uses the entire width of the screen to show his work. A handy arrow at the right-hand corner of each section will direct you in the right direction if you’re interested in learning more about the project.

02. Buzzworthy Studio

The website of the design agency Buzzworthy Studio, based in Brooklyn (New York), helps them stand out from the crowd. You are greeted upon landing on their website with the message, “We create extraordinary solutions that get people thinking”—it’s bold and it’s there.

You’ll be able to miss it if you blink. Buzzworthy Studio’s website features animation and interactive features, which make it a captivating and engaging experience. After a few seconds, their bold message vanishes to take us to their homepage.

You can also find detailed information on their projects by hovering over and clicking through.

03. David Airey

David Airey, a professional logo designer, posts articles and blog entries about graphic design on the website. His portfolio contains design inspiration and tips.

04. Digital Abstracts

This site has an amazing collection of designs that are updated frequently. You can browse the site to find inspiration for your next brochure, logo, or business card design.

05. Femme Fatale Studio

Here’s the clue: The Paris-based Femme Fatale creative studio specializes in animation and interactive experiences. You can see the difference as soon as you visit their website. They display a collection of animations and images on their homepage that gives you an idea of their work.

They use bold images and other special effects, such as parallax scrolling. This is a technique in which background images move faster than foreground images. This creates a feeling of depth and immersion. It’s amazing!

06. FWA

This site contains articles on graphic design. You can also search for jobs as a designer and see what other designers are up to. FWA has an ongoing competition to determine the best site of the day, month, and year.

07. Heather Shaw

Heather Shaw is a graphic designer who specializes in business cards, brochures, presentations, websites, and applications. She is an experienced designer, both in the offline and online space. Her portfolio displays elegance, clarity, simplicity, and professionalism.

Shaw won’t force you to search for her portfolio. It is easily found on the homepage. Each block represents a different project. At a glance, each project is overlaid with a solid color. You can hover over each project to see the images. It’s that simple.

08. Locomotive

The Canadian studio Locomotive uses interactive and movement features on its homepage. They use bright and playful animations against a timeless, elegant black background that speaks volumes about their work.

Clicking on the Projects page will bring up the message: “Locomotive designs, develops, and delivers websites and creative campaigns that drive results.” They also build awareness, win awards and get recognition. ” Although our work isn’t proud of itself, it loves to speak for itself. “

The home page features a blue button with a pencil icon on its right-hand side. You won’t be disappointed if you click it! Check out the humorous copy and use the voice feature!

09. Stefanie Bruckler

New York-based Stefanie Bruckler, an Austrian illustrator and graphic designer who specializes in branding and editorial design, is based in New York. After admiring her logo for a few seconds, scroll down to her homepage, where you will see a selection of her work displayed in a grid-based layout. Her website is minimalistic and elegant.

It stands out due to Bruckler’s decision to use a muted color palette. You’ll notice that muted colors are not the norm. Most of the designers on this list use bold, impactful colors.

Bruckler’s color palette is key to giving the website a consistent and cohesive look. It’s not always easy to do this, especially when you consider the fact that many designers have to display work from multiple brands with their own unique look and feel. Bruckler’s ability to maintain this consistency is a testament to her talents.

10. Tobias van Schneider

Tobias van Schneider is an award-winning designer who was born in Germany and raised in Austria. He currently resides in New York. His home page indicates that he previously lived in Stockholm. His portfolio includes some of today’s most prominent brands, such as Spotify and Sony. He is a specialist in brand identity and digital product design.

His website stands out, aside from the number of brands he has worked with, because of the imagery and the photos he uses. His home page’s above-the-fold section features a striking black background and large fonts. Scroll down to see each project displayed against a different background color. However, the page’s layout and unique typography ensure that it is consistent and on-brand.

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