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7 Types of Logo


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A logo is the face of a brand. The first thing that a potential customer sees about a company is its logo. When a logo does its job properly, it will positively impact your company & its target audience by forming a visible cue. Knowing what type of logo is required is a crucial part of developing an enterprise. Being a combination of different images & typographies the logo gives a distinctive identity to a brand. Since a logo is the first thing a customer will see in your brand, you have to make sure that it gets the impact it requires. We have made a list of 7 types of logo in this article. By reading this article, you’ll know about seven different types of logo designs that are used by modern companies to show their brands. On top of that, we’ve put some examples so that you can visualize each type of logo easily.

All emblem logos have that traditional & impressive feel. Usually, an emblem logo is formed when different texts are arranged inside a symbol or an icon. Badges, stamps, crests & similar types of designs fell into the same category. Frequent users of the emblem are colleges, schools, government agencies & social organizations. The emblem logo should be made in a way so that it will show its context even when shrunk to very small sizes. If you are trying to get this type of logo, then the design must be created on a simpler level. Complex emblem designs are usually too difficult to understand on business cards & other small branding accessories.

types of logo

As implied in the name Letter mark logo consist of letters with brand initials. IBM, HP, ESPN, etc are some of the known brands that are using letter mark logos for their companies. The concept of these types of logos is all about simplicity. With few words to remember the companies use the letter initials for brand identification. Letter mark logo turns lengthy names into an identifiable identity. They are great options for new & small businesses to promote their names in the market as it is also relatively easy to get this logo up & running. Being simple in design they are also great for identity kits & can be used in everything without any prior worries.

lettermark logo

Abstract logo’s design is limitless. The only limit is your imagination! A symbol represents an abstract logo that is tailor-made just for the company. This type of logo doesn’t mimic any objects of real life; rather, this type of logo expresses something unique & specific about the brand. Some of the famous brands that use abstract designs in the logo are Reebok, Adidas, Pepsi. Instead of restriction to a picture of something recognizable, abstract logos uniquely represent the brand. Abstract logos truly represent the freedom of designing because they are not bound by any designing limitations. These logos can easily represent tough aspects of a business. Being a depiction of feelings & concepts these types of logos smoothly catch the attention of potential consumers.

abstract logo

Pictorial Mark Logo is also known as Brand Mark & represents a graphic symbol or icon that usually represents a real-world object. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about IT giant Apple is its bitten apple. Two dices come to mind when you think about the logo of Dominos. Pictorial Mark logos are good for companies that are already well established to be recognized widely by the audience. Pictorial Mark also works as a standalone symbol to identify the brand only by a single glimpse. If you are not established enough to be recognized, you have to tread cautiously as this type of logo doesn’t communicate enough about you to the audience & they might lose interest in the company.

pictorial logo

The combination of both images & words into the design made up the Combination Mark Logo. Combination Mark is the most popular type of logo design. As a name is associated with an image, a combination mark becomes a versatile choice to reinforce the brand. Combination mark logo is good for branding & these types of the logo do not suffer from the drawbacks of Pictorial Mark Logo. Some famous examples of combination mark logos are Huawei, MasterCard, Dove, Burger King, Pizza Hut, etc. The balanced combination of image & text can help in recognizing the brand more easily. Their versatility also makes it very easier to remember them. The combination Mark logo is also a very popular choice for new companies in the market due to its versatility.

combination mark logo

Close to letter marks in nature, the award mark logo is usually font-based & focuses on the business’s name. Some prime examples of the Word Mark logo are FedEx, Amazon, Google, etc. There is no guessing that when one sees a word mark because the design is all lettering. They are one of the most popular choices as they are easily transferable to any marketing material. If you are not well-known, or a startup or if your business is named after a person or some abstract thing then this is the perfect logo for you.

word mark

These are the most friendly-looking logo. Mascots are characters representing your business. KFC, Pringles, Jaguar, etc are some of the most popular mascot logos representing their respective brands. They can be highly relatable, giving an easy way for businesses to connect with their audiences. eSports is highly associated with the mascot logo, all the professional & commercial teams have a mascot logo. A mascot logo represents personality in the form of an animal or a person. The Michelin Man is one of the oldest mascots known owned by french multinational tire manufacturing company Michelin.


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