10 motion graphics plugins for after effects

10 Motion Graphics Plugins for After Effects


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In this article 10 Motion Graphics Plugins for After Effects are listed that you can use in your projects and they are just amazing. There is no categorization as such you can use most of them on daily basis. So let’s check out these plug-ins,

10 Motion Graphics Plugins for After Effects

Element 3D

This plug-in is from video copilot. Almost every motion graphics designer knows about the importance of element 3d in motion graphics. Element 3d bridges the gap between 2d compositing in the 3d world by allowing users to upload and use 3d models within Adobe After Effects. If you don’t know how to use modeling software like 3ds max or cinema 4d, Element 3d can help you import and edit 3d models quickly put materials on them, and render them. This plugin works very fast. While considering all the functionality it brings to After Effects. The new version of Element 3D has not been released for quite some time. Version 2 of Element 3D was released in the year 2015. And included some new features like lighting and ambient occlusion presets. Even though this plug-in is old but the material still looks good by today’s standard element 3d nowadays an essential part for Adobe After Effects users to create amazing 3d related visuals


It is a new type of keyframing and masking plug-in for After Effects. With this plug-in, you can easily create animated reveals, animated handwriting, transitions, dissolves, looping animations, and many more effects. This amazing animation plugin comes with 50 ready-to-use presets.

Trapcode Suite

This suite has two plug-ins Particular, and Form which you can use for 3d motion graphics and visual effects. With Trap Code Particular plug-in you can easily add particles to your compositions. Utilize particle emitters to generate water, fire, smoke, and many other effects. Particular has over 355 presets and each of them is highly customizable. With the Form plug-in, you can create particle grids and objects. And with the ability to run realistic fluid simulations. Form comes with over 150 highly customizable presets.


It is a unique plug-in that brings generative art closer to a non-linear program like After Effects. With plexus, you can create, visualize, and manipulate data in a procedural manner. With plexus, you can render particles, and create relationships between them using various parameters like lines, triangles, etc. Plexus can be used to create a truly infinite set of configurations and parameters. For example, the various effector fields can create magic with lines and particles.


This plug-in allows you to easily track warping surfaces. It is perfect to use for beauty retouching and other difficult clean-up jobs. You can also do Planar Tracking, Rotoscoping, Track offscreen objects, and so on with this plug-in.

Red Giant VFX Suite

This suite offers a powerful toolkit for creating realistic visual effects composites in After Effects. This package has 11 amazing tools to surprise you and make your workflow smooth and less time-consuming,

  • The first tool is Super Comp, it is a compositing environment that makes it easy to create complex seamless composites. You can composite complex VFX scenes in minutes and with real-time preview.
  • King Pin Tracker is used for tracking and it makes it simple and easy to replace signs or add rectangular objects into a shot. With powerful to and from pins and the ability to offset and rotate in planer space you can pin whatever you want wherever you want it.
  • Bang offers volumetric muzzle flashes that are highly customizable.
  • Primatte Keyer is a powerful keying tool and is used for fast automatic chroma keying. Primatte keyers auto compute algorithms can often pull a perfect key automatically.
  • Lens Distortion Matcher is used to make footage undistorted. And using it in composting to add elements in the shot.
  • Spot Clone Tracker is a plug-in utilized for simple object removal. It comes with a built-in tracker for moving footage. With this tool, you can easily fix blemishes or remove small unwanted items.
  • Optical Glow is a photorealistic glow effect for you to use in professional visual effects and motion graphics.
  • Chromatic Displacement uses one layer to displace the pixels of another.
  • Knoll Light Factory is a well-known tool to create camera-inspired photorealistic lens flares that render fast.
  • Shadow is a plug-in for after effects that makes it super easy to add a perspective shadow in front of or behind a layer.
  • Reflection is a tool that makes it easy to add a reflection to your layers.

with Red Giant VFX suites 11 effective plugins you will be able to create wonders.


This plug-in is from Boris Fx and can be an integral part of motion graphics. You can use it to make transitions, light, flares, blur, and distortion. Boris Fx Sapphire lets you create stunning organic looks with over 270 effects and 3000 plus presets. It is a powerful effect and transition builder with integrated tracking and masking options. Sapphire’s superior image quality control and GPU accelerated render speed offers massive time savings and allows creatives to focus on what matters the most delivering an impact that keeps audiences coming back.


Motion Design School comes with a handy plug-in that solves the tedious job of morphing. The morphing plug-in helps in making object transformation, from one object into another object. It can help in creating a transition between scenes, morphing objects, applying trails, and so on with easy customization.


It is a modular 3d particle system for After Effects. It has an easy-to-use node-based user interface and ships with a host of presets to create stunning effects. Render and create stunning volumetric effects from stardust particles. Particles and models can interact and collide and affect each other while being affected by forces allowing for the creation of stunning animation with ease. You can use particles emitted from 3D models. With nodes, you can create complex effects on a single layer.


Last but not least plug-in that you can use to edit footages Magnum. Do you get irritated by selecting all cuts in your edited film and making them separate composites for After Effects? Magnum is such a plug-in that can automatically detect edits and footage with highly customizable naming options it gives average scene color detection with the option to use the first frame of the previous edit for cut reference it gives the option to trim resulting clips. And the nice interface for ease of use in importing your edited footage into the After Effects timeline applies magnum and relax you will get all pre-composited cuts within minutes.

These 10 motion graphics plugins for After Effects can help you in creating a wonderful After Effects project. You can use all of them, or use them according to your needs. The plug-ins listed in the list are premium or paid.

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