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How to make Motion Graphic? Complete How to Guide


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Video content gets more attention and engagement than normal static images. And one of the best video content that one can utilize is Motion Graphic. Due to their appeal, and uniqueness they tend to perform better than other types of content. This article is about how to make motion graphic. But, before anything else let’s take a look at what motion graphic is.

What is Motion Graphic?

In simple words, Motion Graphic is animated graphic design. Motion Graphic is a sub-set of animation, and the use of text is one of the main features of motion graphic. It is a very powerful tool for creating commercials, and ads, and attracting audiences and potential customers. Motion Graphic stands out as a highly effective and efficient tool for storytelling and brand building. Some of the key qualities of motion graphic are listed below,

  • It makes information easy to understand
  • Motion graphic can easily be repurposed
  • Conveying a large amount of data in a short duration
  • Easily convey ideas or messages.

Some of the popular use of motion graphics can be seen in explainer videos, animated graphs, animated infographics, web design, GIFs, and so on.

Types of Motion Graphic

  • Emotive Videos:- These types of videos are used for the sole purpose of evoking certain emotions in the audience.
  • Explainer Videos:- These motion design animations work as the connection between the ideas, or product and the audience.
  • Promotional Videos:- The main objective of promotional motion graphic videos is to convert the audience into customers. And inform them about the product.
  • UI Animation:- As the name suggests this motion graphic animation is used to create the end product feel of the UI design.

What program do you use to make motion graphics?

In order to create motion graphics, you will need a software or program to do so. Using the best and top-quality program will greatly help in producing high-quality motion graphic videos. Some of the best motion graphic software are listed below,

Top 7 Motion Graphics Software

  • Blender

Benefits of Motion Graphics

  • It makes the content more engaging
  • Motion Graphics can make a boring topic interesting
  • They are cost-effective and efficient
  • Motion Graphics create more brand awareness easily

How to make Motion Graphic?

Creating a motion graphic is a complex process with a lot of moving parts, and requires various prerequisites. And creating a video that is compelling and resonates with the audience is harder. In order to create a high-quality motion graphics, you will have to keep these points in mind. Let’s take a look at them,

Setting Realistic Goals

First of all, set realistic goals, which means goals that are achievable, and measurable. Some of the key points to remember are, to focus on the content length, client expectations, budget, and targeted audience. With these things in mind always look at the bigger picture.

Creating, or Writing Script

Like any animation project motion graphics project must start with a story which is then turned into a script. Having a script makes the animation process easier as it acts as a guideline for the video. The script must follow these fundamental points,

  • Who is the targeted audience?
  • What message to convey?
  • How to make the audience feel about the message?

Another rule of thumb to follow is to not cram up the script. Try to it keep it simple, and to the point.


After getting the script ready the next step is to create a storyboard for the script. The storyboarding phase involves visualization of the script in the form of frames, or shots of video. This is the stage where the script and visuals start to take shape of the final product.

Animating the Design

Now, it’s time to work on the design of the animation and get to animating. For the purpose of designing elements required for the animation Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator is used. And as for the animation Adobe After Effects is considered to be the top choice. Some things to remember at this stage are careful consideration of the animation style, pacing of the animation, use of appropriate sound effects, and music.

Keeping an Open Mind

After completing the animation it is essential to get feedback on it. And being open to positive criticism is a must. That way you can make changes required in the animation to make it even better, and polished. Even at this just you can get good and worthwhile ideas that can capture a wider audience.

Some of the most popular examples of the use of Motion Graphics are listed below,

  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Advertisements
  • Infographics
  • Promo Videos
  • Intro/Outro Video on Youtube, and so on.

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