Best Animation Books for Beginners

Best Animation Books for Beginners


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If you want to become an animator then you may be wondering how to get started as an animator. Is there an animation book that could help me in my quest for this wonderful art? Animation books are one the best resources to learn how to animate and to discover the secrets of some of the greatest animators of all time. It is true that animation history has provided great lessons over time. You will want to learn more about 2D animation and 3D animation. These best animation books for beginners contain all the information that you will need to learn the tricks of the best animators in this industry.

List of Best Animation Books for Beginners

01. American animated cinema

It is evident that the American cultural industry has immense power. When we think of animations, it is important to consider all of the work done in this country. This animated book is one of few that examines the influence of large companies such as Disney and Pixar on animation’s evolution.

This work by Jaume Duran contains information about the first animated works made in America. You will also learn about the great animators Walt Disney, Otto Messmer, and Walter Lantz.

It can be used to learn more animation techniques, and you will also see examples of 3D animation cinema and experimental animation cinema. We are certain that you will love it.

02. Hybrid animation: integrating 2D and 3-D assets

Although animation is not often combined in the film industry, there are some animations in which 2D and 3D designs are combined. This animation book best explains how you can combine both types of design.

Tina O’Hailey is the author of the book. She explains the main challenges an animator faces when combining 2D/3D elements and outlines the most common techniques used in the industry. This book is very specific in digital animation, but you can still use it if your interest is in doing some experimentation with your work.

03. Character animation: 2D skills for better 3D

Focal Press’s animation book is one of the best for learning 2D animation. This book contains a wealth of information that will help you create professional-quality animations.

What are some of the tips you will find in this animated book? It is easiest to summarize the information by highlighting some of the topics that it covers:

  • Animation of inanimate objects
  • Animation of liquids and solids
  • Animations based on basic human anatomy
  • Animation of facial expressions
  • Animation of animals

You may also find it useful if you search for animated books that will help you set up an animation studio at home.

04. Animating 2D characters for games in Blender

The majority of animation books we’ve mentioned are for animation for audiovisual productions. However, animation can also be used to develop video games.

This book is for anyone who wants to create a 2D game using Blender.

Alan Thorn, the author of this book, will walk you through each step. From the conceptual phase to the actual development of your ideas using Blender. This book is a great resource for animators looking to take their ideas from theory to reality.

05. Learning Blender: A hands-on guide to creating 3D animated characters

While there are some practical aspects to books on animating, few focus solely on how to use certain programs. This text will teach you about Blender’s characteristics.

You can now stop searching for 3D animation books. This work by Oliver Villar will give you all the information you need, from beginner to professional.

06. Gesture drawing for animation

Walt Stanchfield was an animator at Walt Disney Studios. This book teaches you how to create animations that emphasize the characters’ gestures.

This book is very comprehensive. It has nine chapters that cover different topics, including the principles of animation. This book is a great resource for learning how to create animations.

07. Force: Dynamic life drawing for animators

You might have thought animation would allow you to escape physics. However, in order to create a character’s movements, you need to be familiar with strength, rhythm, and balance. You don’t need to know complicated formulas, but you can read this book to learn how to do it.

You may find this work to be your favorite animation book. You will be able to move the various parts of the body, objects, and any other object you want to animate.

08. The illusion of life: Disney Animation

Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson, two of The Walt Disney Company’s most renowned animators, created what many consider the bible of animation: The Illusion of Life. Anyone who is new to animation and enjoys the work of Disney should read this book.

Disney animators are the best source of advice for creating quality animations. It is actually one of the most important animation books because it explains how animation studios designed characters and teaches some principles of animation that are used in movies.

This animation book covers many of Disney’s most important animation secrets. It gives digital animators a solid foundation. This animation book is a must-have for Disney fans.

09. The Animator’s survival kit

For any animator who dreams of becoming a legend, this massive book from Richard Williams (creator and creator of “Pink Panther”) is essential reading.

This book is one of the most important 2D animation books. It will teach you about the basic concepts of animation. This book teaches us about time rhythm, movement, weight, and poses as well as the 12 fundamental principles of animation. The techniques can be used in 3D animation, even though the book was written for 2D animators.

Richard Williams is a great guide. You will find many tips, tricks, and techniques in this book that Richard Williams continues to use today. This book is invaluable and will help you become a better animator.

10. Cartoon animation

This book on animation is an excellent resource for students of animation. Preston Blair was an animator for Disney and MGM. He animated scenes from films such as Pinocchio and Bambi. Take a look at this charming cover to instantly read the book!

This animation book captures Blair’s experiences and provides a solid foundation for learning the principles and techniques behind animation. This book will teach you how to create a character, create dynamic motion, and combine dialogue with action. This book is a must-read for all animation beginners.

11. The Nine Old Men

Walt Disney’s nine elders, a group of highly influential animators, made significant strides in animation history. An animation book called The Nine Old Men highlights the unique talents of these animators.

This Disney animation book offers a deeper look into these nine incredible animators. Each chapter contains a wealth of historical information, as well as inspiring illustrations and tips.

This book is a great resource for learning about animation’s origins and the impact these men had on the industry.

12. Character Animation crash course

Eric Goldberg is a modern animator who has worked on Disney films like Aladdin, Pocahontas, and many others. This animation book is a compilation of his extensive knowledge about animating realistic characters.

This animation book will help you bring your characters to life if you are just starting out.

13. Frames of Anime – Culture, and Image-Building

Are you an anime fan or are you interested in Korean animation? This book is for you. This Japanese animation book is all about the relationship between anime and oriental culture. This book is more like a story than a guide.

We believe that strong historical background is essential to character animation. Understanding anime’s history will give you an advantage when drawing anime poses or animations. You’ll be able to add decades of animation history to each pencil stroke.

We recommend that you watch Japanese animation movies to complement this book. They will blow your mind and make you forget about Disney.

14. Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation

This is the perfect book to close the top ten list of animation books, which includes this masterpiece. This book is extremely practical and includes many examples from Disney animated classics like Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

This book will teach you many valuable lessons such as film analysis, visual research and development, and camera rules. You can also stage, compose, and more.

15. Directing the Story: Professional Storytelling and storyboarding techniques for live-action and animation

This book is written by Francis Glebas who is a top Disney storyboard artist. It teaches you how to present visual stories clearly and visually. This animation book doesn’t only provide technical instructions for creating a storyboard but also demonstrates how to use it to convey the characters’ emotions in an engaging manner. This book is among the most popular digital animation books. You can use it as a guide to learn how to attract the public’s attention and get inspiration.

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