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Most Famous Graphic Design Companies


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While the design is something that most businesses can learn, only the best graphic designers will be able to take it to the next level. Creating a brand in a competitive industry like graphic design can be hard. There are many design agencies and graphic design businesses around the globe that have been able to reduce clutter and increase their international reputation. They are well-known for their international prominence, blue-chip clients, and diverse portfolios. These are the most famous graphic design companies in the industry.

List of Most famous graphic design companies


Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design studio, is managed and owned by 25 partners who are all leaders in the industry. Names like Bob Gill, Paula Scher, and Michael Bierut are just a few of the many stars on his star-studded partner list.

Headquarters: London

Locations: Austin, Berlin, and New York.

Notable Clients: Planned Parenthood. Saks Fifth Avenue. Starbucks. The Guggenheim. United Airlines. Verizon. Walgreens. Warner Brothers. Windows.

Services offered: Identity of Branding. Book Design. Campaigns. Data Visualization. Digital Design. Editorial Design. Film & Motion Graphics. Product/Industrial Design. Interiors & Architecture. Naming. Packaging. Sound Design.


Landor calls itself the “preeminent brand consultancy firm in the world.” This design giant, headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in 25 cities around the world, has one of the most impressive client lists.

Headquarters: San Francisco

Locations: Tokyo, Beijing, Chicago, Bangkok, Cape Town, Dubai, Cincinnati, Guangzhou, Istanbul, London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Milan, Geneva, Hamburg, Jakarta, Melbourne, Moscow, Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris, Seoul, New York, Singapore, and Shanghai.

Notable clients: Apple, Australian Open. BMW, British Airways. FedEx. Kellogg’s. Kraft. P&G. PepsiCo. Volkswagen

Services offered: Brand Architecture, Brand Design, Brand Engagement, Adaptation and Implementation, Brand Identity, Brand Identity, Brand Experiences, Interactive and New Media, Knowledge and Analysis, Verbal and Denominated Identity, Packaging, Strategy, and Positioning

Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins, a brand consultancy agency, says, “We do things differently to make a distinction.” His solid reputation has allowed him to have a stellar client list, including the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The logo was believed to be valued at $625,000.

Headquarters: London

Locations: New York City and San Francisco

Notable Clients: 3M. Apple, eBay. Hyatt. LinkedIn. Microsoft. Spotify. Target. Uber. Wikimedia.

Brand Philosophy: Strategy, Design, and Change

Meta design

Meta Design is a world-renowned design firm that has been creating memorable brand experiences for more than 20 years. His work is unparalleled, from reimagining Apple’s Mac OS design to working with Adobe on its packaging and identity to creating a new brand experience on a global scale.

Headquarters: San Francisco

Locations: New York, Zurich. Beijing. Berlin. Dusseldorf. Geneva.

Notable Clients: Adidas, Apple, AT&T, Coca-Cola, DHL, Lacoste, New York Philharmonic, Porsche, Volkswagen, Yves Saint Laurent

Brand activation, brand building, and brand experience are some of the services offered.

Happy Cog

Jeffrey Zeldman, a web design expert, founded this New York-based company. It has won more web design awards than any other. Happy Cog is known for creating engaging web environments and keeping high-profile clients satisfied with their web design, development, user experience consulting, and impressive web design.

Happy Cog, in his words, is a graphic design studio that will help you “craft your message, target and motivate the right audience, and measure the results.”

Headquarters: New York

Notable clients: Airbnb, AMC Theatres. Ben & Jerry’s. Google. MTV. Google. Papa John’s. Stanford University. Zagat. Zappos.

We offer the following services: Content strategy, design, branding, development, marketing, project definition, research

The Chase

Chase is a well-known brand for its innovative corporate branding. It has won more than 350 awards at national and international levels. These “creative consultants” are a fascinating display of skills, including calendar design, museum exhibits, sports stadium branding, and more.

Headquarters: Manchester

Locations: London and Preston

Notable Clients: Amnesty International (BBC), BBC, Disney, Fujitsu and Hewlett Packard, Museum of London (Shell), Shell, Smirnoff, Yellow Pages

Specialties: Advertising, Architecture and Digital, Film


Pearlfisher believes in “designing for living” and has a focus on “designing for the future.” Pearlfisher’s visionary group of futurists and strategists, filmmakers, and designers has more than 20 years of experience and is receiving prestigious awards.

Headquarters: London

Locations: New York, San Francisco, and Copenhagen

Notable Clients: Cadbury, Access Entertainment, Starbucks, Jim Beam, Wolfgang Puck, Yoplait, B&O Play. 

Brand Philosophy: Body, Community. Leisure. Luxury. Mobility. Nature. Taste.

Charlie Smith Design

Charlie Smith, a former Pentagram designer, founded Charlie Smith Design in 2003. His new project is a huge success, as he comes from a world-respected graphic design company. His team provides a wide range of services, including digital packaging, and takes a detailed approach to each design project. This includes the selection of paper and the materials used.

Headquarters: London

Notable Clients: John Lewis, Dragonfly Tea. Phaidon. Royal Academy of Arts. Tate. Terence Woodgate. Unicef. University of the Arts London. Yale.

Services offered: Brand positioning, strategy, web design motion photos, packaging, print designs, signage


Many designers are aware that designs go beyond the computer screen. Designs can be found all around the world. They are also committed to shaping the perception of their clients internationally. The impressive client list is a testament to their success.

Headquarters: Barcelona

Locations: New York, Paris, and San Francisco

Notable Clients: Apple, Gap Inc.., Gap Inc. Google, Hewlett-Packard Kodak. Phaidon. San Francisco Art Exchange. The University of California. Venmo

Areas of expertise: Brand Management, brand narrative, brand strategy

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

Ivan Chermayeff, designer, and Tom Geismar are two lesser-known Paul Rands. They were founded in 1958 and have been working for some of the most prestigious clients in the world. His iconic work has endured the test of time. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv has grown to include Sagi Haviv since 2006. They continue to build some of the most iconic brands in the world.

Headquarters: New York

Notable clients: Chase Bank, HarperCollins and Harvard University Press, Hearst. NBC, National Geographic. Showtime. State Farm. US Open. WordPress

Specialties: Logo Design and Brand Identity

Saffron Brand Consultants

Saffron Brand Consultants is based in Madrid. Its mission is to “transform brands, and businesses with the clarity and rigorous thinking of rigorous thinkers and the courage of big ideas.” The company was founded in 2001 and has since risen to the top through its embrace of globalization as well as the potential of emerging markets.

Headquarters: Madrid

Locations: Istanbul, London, and Mumbai.

Notable Clients: Coca-Cola and Fujitsu. Goldman Sachs. Proximus. Proximus. The Institute of Cancer Research. Rostelecom. V Festival. YouTube

Brand Philosophy: Create, Grow, Adapt, Transform


Anagrama is a self-described “brand intelligence group” that is an international branding and architecture firm. It also has a large client base. The company’s core values are creativity, togetherness, and a focus on delivering results by deadlines. It’s basically a winning combination between free-spirited creativity and rational thought.

Headquarters: Monterrey, Mexico

Locations: Mexico City and Tokyo

Notable Clients Biblioteca conarte, Infamuse Redberry, Redberry, Sally Beauty Tequila Delaluz Winter Milk

Services offered: Architecture, Brand Strategy and Interior Design, Print Design and Digital Design, Marketing Services Software, Web Design and Development

Studio Dumbar

Studio Dumbar has been creating meaningful brands since 1977. This firm is unique because it is part of Dept, which houses 750 digital media specialists. What are the benefits of having connections?

Location: Rotterdam

Notable Clients – BigMile. Chelsea Nike Megastore. Cities In Motion. Dutch National Police. European Design Festival. Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Transavia. Van Gogh Museum. VBMS.

Specialties: Brand Strategy and Visual Identity

A practice for everyday life

The reputation of A Practice for Everyday Life is built on solid business relationships with like-minded customers. Their focus is on the concepts and ensuring that each design is meaningful and original. His work covers art direction, identity, publishing, exhibitions, and typography design.

Headquarters: London

Notable Clients: APFEL. Art on the Underground. Australian Center for Contemporary Art. UK Korean Cultural Centre. London College of Fashion. Manchester School of Art. Modern Art Oxford. Performa. Tate.

Specialties: Art, Brand Identity, Digital Design, Exhibitions, Packaging, Publications, Signage, Typography

Fireart Studio

Fireart Studio, Warsaw is proud of its diverse clientele that includes start-ups and major brands. They have many fans, including major clients (their Dribble page has over 12k daily users).

Headquarters: Warsaw

Notable Clients: 2Park. Atlassian. Codio. Google. MyTaxi. Radial Hub. Swipe. Swisscom. WinRAR.

Services offered: Brand Identity, Design, Motion Design, Staff, and Product Design


Spin is all about bringing clean and elegant ideas to a broad range of industries, including communications, broadcasting and design, entertainment, electronics, and communication. They are known for their prompt responses to creative briefs. This includes in-depth research on clients, and workshops with target audiences if necessary.

Headquarters: London

Notable clients: Apple, BBC and Channel 4, Collect, Crafts Council, and D&AD.

Expertise: Digital, print, and environmental design

Home Industries

Delaware is home to one of the most renowned typeface companies in the world. House Industries, dubbed “the masters” of typography by Fast Company magazine has created a number of stunning custom fonts that have been seen millions of times by fashionistas, TV viewers, and concert audiences.

Headquarters: Yorklyn, Delaware

Notable Clients: Agent Provocateur. Design Within Reach. Herman Miller. Hermes. Jimmy Kimmel Live. MTV, Target. The Cher Show. The New Yorker. UNIQLO.

Specialties: Lettering, Drawing, Font Creation, Lettering, Paint


SocioDesign’s minimalistic and minimal style is well-known. This allows clients to transform their brands into cross-cultural assets. Their designs are universally appealing to all regions. SocioDesign’s global approach has enabled it to reach a wider audience than other graphic design studios and has contributed to its international success.

Headquarters: London

Notable Clients: Twice Fashion, KAE, Nokia, MtachPint, Muse, Beau Cacao, Chaos Fashion, Capital Magazine, Rambling

Expertise: Brand Identity, Digital Experiences, and Packaging Solutions


Triboro is the Brooklyn-based design team of David Heasty (Texas) and Stefanie Wigler (Germany). Even though you may have a small team, that doesn’t mean you can not make a huge impact. His work is vibrant, creative, and modern. He takes his clients to new and exciting places. It’s also well-known for its integrity and high quality, as evidenced by the many industry awards.

Headquarters: Brooklyn

Notable Clients: AIGA. BLK DNM. GQ Style Guide. MoMA. Stella Artois. The New York Times. TIME Magazine. William Rast. Wired.

The following areas of focus: Publishing, art and fashion, music, style, culture, and the environment


Only a strategy and design consulting can win awards at Heist or BIMA events. Their goal is to connect brands with people through design that accurately reflects the company’s ideas. They draw inspiration from the people they serve, which strengthens the client/client relationship.

Headquarters: Leeds

Notable clients: British Interactive Media Association. Design for Europe. Helbers. Onaway. Printworks London. Roundhouse. Sony Music. The British Academy. The University of Suffolk.

Design Philosophy: “Simple Is Powerful”


Frog is a graphic design firm that has “advanced human experience through design” since 1969. Frog achieves this bold goal by focusing on the human-centered design philosophy as well as the emotional side of creativity. Frog is looking to the future and its work with intelligent systems as well as virtual reality and artificial intelligence keeps it on the cutting edge of technology.

Headquarters: San Francisco

Locations: Austin, Bangalore, Barcelona, Boston, Grenoble. Gurgaon. London, Lyon. Madrid. Malmo. Milan. Munich. New York. Paris. Shanghai. Tel Aviv

Notable Clients: Alto, BNY Mellon, British Telecom, Heatworks, Lumen, Porsche, SF MoMa, Supersonic, Tuesday Capital, Unem, Xiaomi

Services offered: Architectural Design, Customer Experience Design, and Growth Strategy. Organization activation. Product & Service Design. Venture Design.

Made by Alphabet

Made by Alphabet is on the younger side of the spectrum. Their team is made up of young designers. They have a playful personality and aren’t afraid to tell jokes. Their work is targeted at millennials, who offer a fresh and lively approach.


Notable Clients – Adventure Films. Extranet. Flyby. Hippo & Crate. JD Sports. Metric Skincare. NBA. OnePlus. Field Spices.

The following areas of focus are: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Messaging and Tone of Voice, Print and Publishing, Strategy and Positioning, Web and Social


DIA is about putting aside egos and focusing on business goals. They are able to look beyond personal concerns and see the bigger picture. Flexible designs are also their forte. They can alter the shape and color of any product and make a lasting, positive impact on any company.

Headquarters: New York

Notable Clients: Adidas, Cartoon Network Discovery Channel, FX, Maison kitsune Mitsubishi, NBC Nike, Nissan, Squarespace

Specialty: Kinetic Identity Systems

Radish lab

Radish Lab is a graphic design company that has established itself as a leader in social change through its work on a variety of projects. Radish Lab combines a passion for doing good and a drive to tell compelling visual stories. They continue to have a big impact on the global design landscape as well as on local and international communities.

Headquarters: Brooklyn

Berlin Locations

Notable Clients: American Cancer Society; BMW Foundation, Columbia University. Eventbrite. Promundo. Rainforest Alliance (RED), The Linux Foundation. The Guggenheim. Unicef

Services offered: Brand & Design Strategy & Communications Website and Interactive


Hello is a firm that focuses on color, geometry, and direct typography. They do this through brand identity, editorial design, and illustration. They are known for their attentive, one-on-one relationship where each step is taken care of.

Headquarters: Barcelona

Notable Clients: Apple, CBS and Fortune Magazine, General Electric. Mr. Porter, Penguin Random House. The Wall Street Journal. Turkish Airlines. UNIQLO. Vodafone.

Specialties: Art Direction, Branding, Campaigns, Illustration, Licensing, Packaging, editorial, typography


Franklyn claims that he is the “creative studio” you have been looking for all your life. His boutique mentality is what makes Franklyn unique. It’s fashionable and accessible to smaller customers, but it doesn’t mean he is out of touch. They hail from Brooklyn and are not afraid to display their hip personality using slang such as “triune” which is true and real.

Headquarters: Brooklyn

Notable Clients: Airbnb, Converse, and God’s Love We Deliver. Kimski, MetLife. Parlor Coffee, Shapeways. Trade Coffee. tokyobike. Zagat.

Services offered: App Design, Branding and Brand Strategy, Web Design and Development


This boutique studio in Western Australia has been proving that size doesn’t matter. Dessein has been awarded numerous Creativity International awards, along with many other recognitions, for his branding, packaging, and print design work.

Headquarters: Perth

Notable Clients: Albany Entertainment Center, Black Swan STC, Cafe Corporate, il gelato, Mondo Nougat, Hunsa, Rubra, Whiteman Park, Zwena

Services offered: Branding, displays, exhibits, packaging design and photography, printed materials, signage, style guide, vehicle graphics, website development

Litmus Brand

Litmus Branding is an India-based branding and design agency. However, simplicity does not necessarily mean that it’s easy to work. They have produced over 400 logos within three years, including web design and print work. That’s about two logos per week! They have an impressive portfolio of Indian clients, as well as international companies.

Headquarters: Ahmedabad

Notable Clients: Malaysia Kargo, Lotus Daury, Indus Travels, Max, Luxor, Green Products

App Design & Development, Branding & Strategy Content Writing & Strategy Digital Marketing, Packaging Design Web Design & developing

Casa Rex

Casa Rex, a Sao Paolo-based design company, has been praised by all the major hitters, including Core77, Good, and HOW. Gustavo Piqueira, who has received more than 500 international design awards, is the founder of Casa Rex. He has worked with every aspect of branding and typefaces.

Headquarters: Sao Paulo

Notable Clients: Axe. Burger King. Campari. Dove. Hellmann’s. Magnum. Skyy Vodka. Suave. Tresemme. Unilever.

Specialties: Contemporary Visual Narratives and Visual Culture Research, Language Boundaries, Graphic Workshops


Brandient, a Bucharest-based design firm, offers branding solutions to a range of large Romanian businesses as well as entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners. With a multi-disciplinary approach that combines marketing and business, as well as creative thinking, they are able to master the “complex rebranding process”.

Headquarters: Bucharest

Singapore Locations

Notable Clients: Bitdefender. CEC Bank. Dedeman. Domo. Nextebank. Silva. Tinmar. Transavia. Vodafone.

Specialties: Communication Design, Brand Innovation, Complex Rebranding Exercises. Consulting, Corporate Identity Design. Digital design, Naming Services, Packaging Design. Public Speaking.


Design firm ID&B is based in Cape Town, South Africa. It has a large portfolio of branding and communication design work. ID&B was founded in 2005 and has worked on a variety of niche projects as well as brand strategies for some of the largest corporations in the world.

Headquarters: Cape Town

Notable Clients: Coca-Cola. Dr. Hauschka Skincare. Intex. Kinektek. Old Mutual. PNI Media. Shoprite. The Republic of South Africa Presidency. USave. Virgin.

Services offered: UX/UI, Identity visual, Strategy

Eat Creative

Tokyo-based design company Eat Creative specializes in branding and web design. They have over 18 years of experience in Japan and understand the importance of adapting to different cultures.

Headquarters: Tokyo

Locations: Hong Kong

Notable Clients: Volkswagen Japan, ASICS, Gap China, TedxTokyo, Deutsche Bank

Services Offered: Branding, Communication Strategy, Content Creation, Digital Design, events, print design, project management, web design

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