Best Bluetooth Mouse for Graphic Design

Best Bluetooth Mouse for Graphic Design


The latest generation of mice has a lot to offer graphic designers. The best graphic design mice are ergonomic and practical, so you can design for hours. They also allow you to be more precise and fluid, to create with greater detail and fluidity. And the mouse with Bluetooth offers a wire-free experience.  Let’s look at the following list to see the best Bluetooth mouse for graphic design. We will also make recommendations on how to get the most from them. So let’s get started.

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Best Bluetooth Mouse for Graphic Design

01. Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced

Logitech MXMaster 3 Advanced is the best mouse to use for graphic design because of its ergonomic design, millimetric precision in its handling, its ability to control 3 devices simultaneously, configure its 6 buttons and work on different surfaces including glass.

The MX Master 3’s design has been awarded numerous design and innovation awards by CES, Red Dot, and Good Design. Its shape reduces the strain on the forearm and hand while making it easy to access all buttons.

The scroll wheel and 6 buttons can be customized to perform the functions that you require while designing. The gesture commands can be used by holding down the gesture button and moving the mouse.

The scroll wheel is also notable for its max speed function. This allows you to precisely control scrolling, whether you want it to scroll pixel-by-pixel or at full speed through pages. Simply spin the wheel with momentum to keep it spinning at 1000 lines per second.

It also has a button on the side that can be used with your thumb to operate the wheel. This button is used for horizontal scrolling across the workspace. You can also assign functions like increasing or decreasing the Photoshop brush.

Logitech Flow allows you to transfer files between computers by simply dragging them to one screen. You can also switch between devices (up to three) by pressing the button at the bottom. This allows you to access your files from their new location.

The battery can be used for approximately 70 days after a full charge. There might be slight variations depending on whether the battery is connected via Bluetooth or USB. It can be charged by connecting it to its USB-C port.

The best mouse for 3D designers

Logitech MXMaster 3 is highly recommended by 3D designers. It has 6 customizable buttons and you can also configure the scrolls. This allows you to quickly move the axes around or rotate objects.

The best mouse for video editing

The Logitech MX Master 3’s wheels can be used to scroll through the timeline when video editing is being done. You can also use its buttons to set up various tools and functions for clips.

02. Logitech MX Anywhere 3

Logitech MX Everywhere shares many features with the MX Master 3 but is simpler in design. Logitech is able to lower costs while still offering a great value mouse.

The overall design of MX Anywhere has been changed, as well as some buttons. Side-scrolling was also removed. However, MX Master 3 features such as fast scrolling and the ability to work on any surface have been reintroduced.

The battery life of the mouse is approximately 70 days. It will last longer depending on how it is used and whether it is connected via Bluetooth or USB receiver. It can be recharged by connecting it to the computer via its USB-C port.

You will find the selector at the bottom to change which device you are controlling with your mouse. It allows you to quickly switch between 3 devices. Additionally, it’s compatible with Logitech Flow which allows you to transfer files from one device to the next with just a gesture.

Logitech software allows you to configure the buttons of your mouse according to the app or program you’re using, as well as the speed, smoothness, and resistance of the scroll wheel.

03. Wireless mouse Inphic

Inphic’s wireless mouse is a combination of a beautiful design, quiet buttons, and a very affordable price. It is one of the most affordable mice on the market, and it has been rated highly.

The combination of its slim, elegant design and the variety of colors make it an excellent match for any computer. Although it’s not as ergonomic as a Logitech MX Master 3 it is very comfortable and the matte texture makes it feel pleasant to touch,

It only contains the two most important buttons: the wheel button (which is the main function of the button) and the one that switches quickly between three devices. This button is found behind the scroll wheel.

The Inphic wireless mouse is compatible with Bluetooth or USB receivers. The battery’s life span will vary depending on how you use the mouse. However, it can last up to 30 days without needing to be recharged. You can recharge it by connecting it to your computer via the USB-C port at the front.

04. Logitech MX Vertical

Although the Logitech MX Vertical’s shape is not obvious at first, it reduces wrist strain and provides better ergonomics. After using it for a while, you will quickly get used to the mouse and begin to understand why it is so good for designing.

The MX Vertical is similar to holding a joystick, which allows you to style more comfortable and lasts longer. It will be easy to see the difference if you compare it with a traditional mouse.

You can modify the function of each of its 6 buttons, just like the rest of the Logitech MX Series, by using Logitech Options.

Logitech Flow allows you to pair up to three devices, switch between them quickly and move files between connected computers in one gesture.

The battery lasts for up to four months (120 days) with a full charge. Once it is done, the mouse can be fast charged via its USB-C port, which is located on the front.

05. Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse

Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse is the most minimalist mouse available. Its lightweight design allows it to retain all the features and ergonomics of a good mouse. The buttons are very quiet and the mouse’s shape and texture make it extremely comfortable to use.

The superior curve of this mouse is unlike other mice such as Apple’s Magic Mouse. It fits perfectly in your hand. The matte texture of its surface also makes it easy to hold and prevents you from slipping. The mouse has a premium feel thanks to the quiet clicks of its buttons.

There are only two buttons on the mouse, plus the scroll wheel button. Although the wheel is made of metal and provides high precision, it doesn’t have a scroll function as fast as the Logitech MX. Regardless, all functions can be customized according to the application and the resolution of your sensor.

Surface Mobile Mouse can go everywhere. It works well on all surfaces, even those with the highest gloss, so you can work at home, at the office, or in a cafeteria in total comfort.

It is best to transport it in a designated pocket. The magnetic battery cover can become loose and get lost in the backpack.

This mouse does not offer a Bluetooth connection, but it has a very optimized energy consumption and two rechargeable batteries that can last for up to 12 months.

06. Cooler Master MM710

The Cooler Master M710’s honeycomb-shaped shell and splash- and dust-proof surface allow the hand to breathe and minimize perspiration. Its ergonomic shape allows for a more comfortable grip, which is great for long-term use.

Comparing it to similar mouse models like the Glorious Model O (see Amazon), you’ll see that the Cool Master MM710 has a slightly higher and wider back, which makes it more comfortable when it rests on the hand.

The ultralight mouse is easy to use and requires very little effort. The response time when you click on the buttons is also very fast, which translates into faster graphic design programs.

It is a gaming mouse, so the connection is made by cable. This makes it much quicker to transfer clicks and positions.

Cool Master MM710 can be configured in every way possible, from buttons and scroll wheels to precise settings or sensitivity. This is all possible with the manufacturer’s MasterPlus+ software, currently only for PC.

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