The Best iPad for Graphic Designers

The Best iPad for Graphic Designers


Graphic design is not an easy job. Designers need to be trained and have the right equipment. Many people wonder if an iPad can be used to illustrate. We will be discussing which is the best iPad for Graphic Designers.

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Why use an iPad to design graphic designs?

It is common to be confused between an iPad and a graphic tablet. However, you’ll find that the Apple device offers a lot more. It is obvious that anyone working in illustration will be thinking about buying a graphic tablet. They have an exclusive function that allows the artist to create digital drawings. This is very similar to drawing on paper.

The Apple Pencil makes it possible for iPads to tackle this last point. It’s all about getting used to it. Although we wouldn’t lie if we said the iPad experience was the same as a specialized tablet with graphics, Apple is making great strides in this area until thousands of artists can use their iPad for this purpose.

The Apple Pencil can be a problem for iPads. When you apply pressure, it releases more ink. Graphic tablets respond to higher pressure levels and offer a pen-like experience, depending on the angle.

The iPad is an excellent device because it offers many additional features that can be used in your everyday life, as well as other tasks that are related to artistic activities. You can access hundreds of optimized apps to use on your iPad, as well as classic tablet tools like an internet browser and the ability to use mice and keyboards. All this is complemented by the mobile job-ability.

You must always evaluate each case to determine which product is better. You can create authentic art with both the iPad and the graphics tablet.

App Store shines because of its many options

Although it has been the Apple way of doing things, such as graphic design, that Apple uses Macs, application developers have taken Apple’s tablets seriously up to now. it to offer professional applications that are optimized for them, and which allow them to get the most from it.

It is true that we think that an app store such as the one available for iPads is a great advantage. Adobe Illustrator Draw is one of the most popular options, and it’s also where professionals are most comfortable. You will also find other options, both paid or free.

The Best iPad for Graphic Designers

There are many iPads on the market, and while any iPad can be used as a graphic artist’s tool, there are three iPads that stand out. We will explain below what these are and why they are the best for this job, whether it is due to their screen sizes, screen features, or other functionalities.

iPad Pro (12.9 and 11 inches)

The iPad Pro offers many advantages over other equipment such as compatibility with the second-generation Apple Pencil. The pen allows you to create shortcuts to other tools, such as an eraser, with just one touch. This is a great way to make your computer more productive while drawing.

iPad Pro (2021)

The screen size for this model is 11 inches and 12.9 inches. The large model is more suitable than the smaller model for one reason. This is because the new generation of this model (launched in April 2021) includes a mini-led panel. It provides a truly unique visual experience in terms of enjoying a wide range of color options that look amazing and will make design tasks easier.

The larger diagonal allows for more comfort, but it can also feel bulky in terms of mobility. Although it’s not difficult to transport or heavy, it is still easy to use. The 11-inch model is also compact. Although it has an IPS panel that is inferior to its older brother, it’s still one of the most advanced in this technology. To put it another way, calling it a “bad” screen is unfair. Any of the iPad Pro models, whether it’s the 12-inch, the 9-inch, or the 11-inch, will be useful for designers due to the many options it offers. You can easily determine which size is best for you by considering how often you will be using your iPad and whether you need a specific screen to complete your daily tasks. If your iPad is larger than 11 inches, you will need to upgrade to 12.9.

The Apple Pencil is magnetically attached to one side of both iPad Pro models. It will stay with you, and you won’t have to worry about losing it. It also has a charging method that charges it automatically, so even if you’re not using it, it will continue to charge to provide up to 7 hours of battery life for intensive use. You can even get an additional 30 minutes with just a 5-minute charge. This is the best feature of the second-generation Apple Pencil. First, you don’t have to worry about how much charge it has. Second, the iPad can be placed on the side and it will continue charging until it runs out. Third, the iPad can also be transported with the equipment in a very comfortable way.

If we are talking about the price, it isn’t exactly a budget tablet. Officially, the 11-inch model starts at 879 euros, while the 12.9 comes in at 1,199 euros. It is a good idea to get a model from a previous generation. Although you may lose some features, such as the mini LEDs screen that is exclusive to the 12.9-inch 2021 model, they are still very practical and offer excellent performance. You can still find the 2020 and 2018 models in many stores. It’s worth looking at, especially for those who want the 11-inch model. With the 12.9 inches, some of the most important features, such as the screen, are lost. Each user must assess their needs and determine the best option for them.

iPad Air (10.9-inch).

The iPad Air is a great option if you don’t have the budget for the iPad Pro. The iPad Air, which will be the 5th generation in 2022, has the second-generation Apple Pencil. This guarantees the iPad Pro a similar experience, but at significant savings. This will allow you to take advantage of the shortcuts that are essential for artists who want to be more productive in their illustration work.

This iPad is identical to the 11-inch ‘Pro’ in terms of its dimensions. The difference is a single camera at the back and slightly larger bezels. Its screen measures 10.9 inches. Screen with IPS technology. This screen is at a disadvantage to the 12.9-inch Pro model without a 120 Hz refresh. However, we have to admit that the small Pro model has a similar experience, as the panel is of excellent quality. The 60 Hz refresh rate of the iPad Air is something that all users will notice. However, some users may miss a higher refresh speed on occasion. We will reiterate the same point: it all depends on how each device is used.

This iPad Air is also extremely powerful due to its M1 chip. It is identical to the iPad Pro’s older brother, the iPad Pro. If you need to use energy-demanding apps, you will have no problem using this model. The Apple Pencil is also included, as mentioned above, with identical functions.

You will be able to access unlimited additional content through the operating system. This iPad is ideal for illustration tasks and can also be used as a companion to more routine activities such as browsing the Internet, reading digital books, and browsing social networks. It starts at 679 Euros, which is significantly less than the other options. It is also available in different colors. While it does not affect its use, it makes it more personal.

iPad mini (8.3-inch)

The sixth-generation iPad mini could be described as a reduced version of its predecessor, the Air. It is almost identical in design, with good use of the front where the IPS screen is the main focus. It comes in at 549 euros as its base price, making it the most affordable for this question. It was released officially in September 2021, making this the latest of the three at the end.

The ‘Pro’ in hardware can’t be compared with it, but it has a more popular orientation. The A15 Bionic chip that they have isn’t exactly small. You can see how efficient the A14 processor in the ‘Air’ is. This device is round when you combine it with the many apps available in iPadOS, and full compatibility with Apple Pencil 2

There is one obvious factor you must have. This is, for better and worse, decisive. We mean size. The tablet is small and lightweight, so it can be carried anywhere with ease. You can also store it in your pocket. All this can be a disadvantage.

It could fail if you don’t meet the requirements of an off-road user. This size is best to avoid discomfort. Although the screen is of good quality, it is significantly smaller than other options. It is important to consider this when making a purchase decision. The ‘Air’ is a good intermediate choice if you don’t feel comfortable with it. This mini is an excellent companion for adventure that you will enjoy for many years if you don’t mind.

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