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How to find Graphic Design Niches?


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It is clear and a known fact that there is a lot of competition. And the question that comes to mind is that “how can I differentiate myself from all the rest?”. And here comes the importance of finding a niche. Customers will be drawn to you if you choose a niche you are passionate about. They will feel connected with you. So how do you find a graphic design niche? You find the answer to this question in this article.

Finding Graphic Design Niches

Evaluate your passions and strengths

You can find a niche by specializing in one area. For example, you might be interested in designing WordPress websites that use a particular template for different business types. If you’re an expert at creating logos, visual identities, or style concrete designs, this could be a good way to start.

While we understand why you are here, you need to reflect on which discipline you love the most and if it is something you are good at. It is impossible to be a master of all aspects of design. Look back at your past experience in designing.

The Advantages of Niche

  • You can charge more if you are a specialist than if your service is generic.
  • It’s much easier to describe to potential clients what you have to offer.
  • You won’t have to worry about big competitors not being interested in these niche markets.
  • Your marketing campaigns will be more successful because your message is clearer, more impactful, and generates more empathy from your audience. This allows you to stand out among the rest.
  • Because of the elimination of geographical barriers, you can reach a wider audience with the Internet. A small niche can become very large with the Internet.
  • People who are looking for specific items are more likely to make a purchase because they know exactly what they want.

Tools Internet offers to help you find profitable niches

  • Google Trends: This free Google tool allows you to see variations in searches for specific keywords over time. This will allow us to see if there has been a rise in interest in a particular term over time (since 2004) and if it has changed over time. It also allows us to see if interest can vary at different times of the year. You can search in the trend area to see which terms are most popular at the moment or make your own searches.
  • Google correlate: This is the perfect complement to Google Trends. It gives you information about terms related to the keyword you entered and how many searches they’ve had in a given time period. The graph shows the evolution of the term. If we search for “car”, “refrigerator,” is one of the results. This indicates that car refrigerators are a popular market and is worth further investigation. Make sure to change your country of destination from the default one that comes from the USA.
  • Google Adwords – It’s very fascinating to dive into the reality of Google Adwords keywords and explore the ideas we have gotten from Correlate and Trends. This tool displays the number of monthly searches for the word, the competition to position for the term among Google Adwords users, as well as the suggested bidding for advertisers. This tool helps you to understand the topic’s interest (number of searches), level of competition (competition), and profitability (the higher your suggested bid, the more profitable it is). It also provides data on many keywords that are related to the topic. This is a great way to find niches that might be overlooked.

Your specific skills and interests will determine the best way to begin a freelance graphic designing business. Here are a few graphic design niches that might be of interest to you.

Five Graphic Design Niches

1. Logo design – Your logo is your first impression to potential customers. It’s important that your logo looks professional and accurately represents your brand.

2. Graphic design for business – This includes websites, marketing materials, and advertising campaigns. It can be very lucrative.

3. Social media graphics – You can create graphics for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This is a great way to help your business reach many people.

4. Designing custom illustrations and designs.

5. Digital marketing graphics – Creating graphics to promote your blog or website in a visually appealing manner can help you attract new customers and increase visibility.

Here are some more graphic design niches that might be of interest to you.

  • Cover design for marketing ebooks
  • Fashion magazine’s photo retouching
  • Sales page design
  • Portfolio website design for photographers
  • Design for the medical industry
  • Design for restaurants
  • Design for the Animal Sector
  • Fashion design
  • Design for the Crafts Sector
  • Design for the film industry
  • Specialize in animated infographic design
  • Specialize in HTML5 animation design
  • Move from PSD to HTML
  • Specialize in food packaging design

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