The Best Graphic Design Universities in Europe


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Are you looking to get a degree in graphic design? You might be interested in learning more about the top universities in Europe for studying design. We are happy to share the list of the best graphic design universities in Europe to study graphic design and visual arts across Europe.

The Best Graphic Design Universities in Europe

01. London’s Royal College of Art

This university is not only ranked first among Europe’s top universities but also first in the world. This university attracts thousands of talented students who are eager to learn the trade. Many end up becoming famous artists all over the globe, much like the biggest advertising agencies in the world.

02. Milan Polytechnic University

This academic center in Milan, Italy is ranked second among the top universities in Europe for graphic design and fifth worldwide. It hosts thousands of students each year.

03. University of the Arts, London

This university was established in 2004. It is now third on the European continent and sixth in the entire world.

04. Aalto University of Finland

It was created from the unification and consolidation of several universities in Helsinki. Just a few years later, it is currently located in the fourth position in the global ranking of the top higher education centers to study this career in Europe and the ninth worldwide.

05. London’s Goldsmith University

This university is fifth in Europe and 12th on the planet. It is located southeast of London and is dedicated to humanistic knowledge, the arts, and social sciences. It is distinguished by its large number of students, who include students from all nationalities and ages.

06. Faculty of Design, Free University of Bolzano (Italy)

The Free University of Bolzano (unibz), which is located in central Italy’s Italian Alps, is Europe’s only trilingual university. Recently, it was ranked as one of the 10 best small universities worldwide. The Faculty of Design draws students from all parts of Central Europe, perhaps because of this.

The faculty offers two three-year degree programs: a master’s degree and a design curriculum. These activities are based on group work and interdisciplinarity. Students have access to many well-equipped workshops. Research is also conducted within the faculty in a variety of fields, including typography and communication design.

07. Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD), France

The Ecole nationale superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris has a rich and long history. It was opened by King Louis XV in 1767 with the goal of improving the quality of industrial products. It takes 5 years to complete the training program. To be eligible for entry, you must pass an entrance exam. You can then access the first, second, and fourth years. The school offers a variety of specializations, including Interior Design, Art, Animation, Graphic Design, Product Design, Textile Design, Fashion, Printing, Photography, Video, and Scenery. EnsAD is a school that is open to all, and its annual cost is around EUR650.

08. UK: Central Saint Martins University of the Arts

Central Saint Martins, one of the six schools of the University of the Arts London, is considered the 6th most prestigious art and design university worldwide. There are many opportunities at Central Saint Martins, including doctorates and degrees. The short courses for professionals are for those who already work in this sector. You can also make an appointment online to schedule an open day at Central Saint Martins.

09. ArtEZ, University of the Arts in the Netherlands

Five courses offered by the University of the Arts rank at the top of the Dutch guide. It is composed of three Dutch cities: Enschede, Arhhem, and Zwolle. The initial letters in the university’s name (ArtEZ) are Zwolle.

You don’t have to be fluent in Dutch, but they do offer more than 10 courses—three-year and master’s degrees, as well as certificates and diplomas–in English on design, photography, typography, fine art, interaction design, and fine art. You can also look into summer school for shorter training periods.

You can also take part in the many open days that are held throughout the year or full test days.

10. High School of Arts, Saint-Luc de Tournai (Belgium)

The Ecole Superieure des Arts Saint-Luc de Tournai was founded in 1878 in a small Belgian village near the French border. It also has a long history. You can earn a bachelor’s degree at the school in visual and spatial fine art. The focus is on six areas: interior design, graphic design, photography, advertising, fashion, product design, and marketing.

They hold an open-house day every May 1 for anyone who is interested in visiting the school.

11. Massana School, Spain

The Escola Massana in Barcelona is an institute for visual arts, applied arts, and design. The school was opened in 1929 and offers three levels of training. There is a high school, a four-year university degree, as well as short courses for professionals and beginners. The short courses cover graphic design, illustration, industrial design, interior, and mural design.

12. ECAL, Switzerland

ECAL Lausanne is often ranked among the top 10 universities in art and design. It offers 6 3-year degrees: fine arts, cinema, graphic design, industrial design, communication, interaction, and photography, and 7 master’s degrees: visual arts, cinema, artistic direction, photography, product design, integrated innovation for product and business development, typographic design, and 2 Advanced Masters in Luxury Design, and Digital Innovation Research Design. A foundation course of one year is offered to help students prepare for the different grades.

Three-year degrees are mostly in French while master’s degrees are mainly written in English. Although a certificate is not necessary, if you pass the entrance exam, the school might require you to take language classes before admitting you.

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