types of graphic design

Types of Graphic Design

The practice of visual communication is treated as graphic designing. The versatility of ideas in this field makes trends disappear as quickly as they arise. Being a designer you cannot simply ignore the latest design trends. In order to improve work quality & keeping up with the market, the repeated study of new trends is necessary. By connecting different types of graphic design you can get many impressive designs. In this article we are going to cover different types of graphic design that you see in your daily lives:-


Corporate Design

Whether you own a small-scale business or a multinational corporation, every business has its unique story to tell. The story of vision, strength, mission, etc. Corporate design or corporate identity is a complete graphic infusion by which you represent yourself to your latent clients. Corporate design is the front of any business. It is a broad term in itself & covers two major topics of design & strategy. Some major topics of corporate designs are:-

  • Logo
  • Business card
  • Letterhead
  • Stationary

When we talk about corporate design, it is more than traditional graphic design. It is a broad term that is used to cover two main elements: design (like the logo, colors, typography) and strategy (like branding)

Publication Design

Some types of graphic design are not only about aesthetics but also about usability. Publication design is a significant element of graphic design, as it is an essential element of printed media. It is the layout for the printed materials such as books, magazines, pamphlets, etc. With the correct utilization of publication design, through graphics, layout & words you can easily connect with your audience. Publication design is an important part of the branding identity of a business.

Environmental Design

Environmental design is the overarching term for an area of design that integrates into the present-day environment, predominantly urban areas. It involves the process of maintaining environmental surroundings while devising architectural plans, programs, or policies. Environmental designs create visual wayfinding solutions. One of the earliest examples of environmental design is the cave paintings by early man, which portrays different stories.

Web Design

The most popular type of designing that is highly frequent in our daily lives is Web Design. Everyone’s daily activities are intertwined with the use of the worldwide web. Web design is the front end of the website that refers to the user experience of the website. The appearance of how the information is structured & presented is a critical part of Web Design. The thing to keep in mind while making a web layout is its simplicity so that no extra information or functionality becomes a hindrance to a smooth user experience. Web design is the key to present yourself successfully to the vast online community.

Advertising Design

Advertising Design is the key visual artwork by organizations to promote their products & services. The vital difference between the design of advertisement & regular mainstream artwork is that advertising design is created to target audience to take interest in purchasing goods & services. Ad designers make creative designs that help in promoting products & services through visible communication. These are some types of advertising design:-

  • Social Media Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Magazine & Newspaper Ads
  • Video & Commercial Ads

Packaging Design

In simplest words, a product packaging design makes a product suitable for marketing. There are hundreds of products available in the market for the same category. In order to make a product stand out from the normal is by having a great packaging design. Packaging design makes the product visually appealing to a potential consumer. The knowledge of print processing & understanding of industrial manufacturing & design is a must-have skill for a designer to create a successful packaging design.

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