what are the highest paying design jobs

What are the highest paying design Jobs?


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By being a designer (Graphic Designer, web designer, etc) one can make a ton of money. Designers can work on an array of projects and can hold various job titles. And if you are thinking about pursuing a career as a designer and wondering what are the highest paying design jobs? Then this article is right for you as it contains a list of highest paying design jobs. 

Profiles of Designers

Many people are not clear on what they do every day when someone says that “I’m an artist.” Design professionals can work in many industries and areas. It can be used in industrial design (cars and furniture, etc.). It can be editorial design (magazines, newspapers, etc.) or tech (web pages, apps, and more). Different designing profiles that designers can fit in. These include UX, UI, front-end developers, visual designers, and product designers, to name a few. Now let’s take a look at highest paying design jobs.

List of Highest Paying Design Jobs


UX designers determine how users will feel about the product and how they use it. UX designers are responsible for ensuring that the product is intuitive in use. The interface which the designer created must be easy to use and navigate by the user. It is responsible for testing the behavior of users in relation to the design of the app. The designer can identify what works and what doesn’t and then create a new style that enhances the user experience. UX creates wireframes, storyboards, site maps, or routes. UX designers are one of the most sought-after professions in design. They explore the various ways to solve a problem and determine the best.

Photoshop, InVision, Fireworks, Illustrator, and Sketch are some of the most popular tools for work.


UX designers are concerned with how users perceive the product. The UI designer is responsible for the design of the form and layout. The UI designer is responsible for designing each page and screen that the user interacts with. The UI designer ensures that the design meets the UX’s communicative needs. The UX, for example, tells the UI how to create a dashboard that displays analytics. By designing how important statistics are more relevant, the UI will make it so. This means that you can use a scroll to interact with the page and view more results. UX will examine how users interact with this page and ensure that they receive the information they need. If the UI is not working, you can ask for a redesign. Because he creates the style for all projects, the UI designer is one of the most sought-after professions in design. An image that combines all visual elements and design for each phase of a product.

They use Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator the most.


The closest to our common picture of a designer, the visual designer is the one. This is the designer who is concerned about lines, fonts, and icons, but not about how pages connect to each other, or user interaction. Graphic designers focus on fine details. They often use Photoshop with a zoom of 4X and 8X. From concept to execution, they produce high-quality designs. This includes all the resolutions required for exporting the product: paper, web, and mobile. Many companies choose to combine UI and graphic design so they don’t have to hire two distinct profiles. Instead, one person is responsible for both.

Photoshop and Sketch are two of the most popular tools for work.


Did you know that some applications can create animated effects? When you refresh your mobile email inbox, there is a slight bounce until new messages are loaded. This is what the motion designer does. The interaction designer creates animations within an application, unlike most graphic designers who work with static assets. It creates the actions that the interface will perform when a user clicks a site or executes a movement. They decide how the menu should appear on the screen and what transitions they will use. This is vital as it gives the user visual clues about how to use the product. Motion design is one of the most sought-after professions in design.

After Effects and Core Composer are some of their most-used tools.


The UX researcher is responsible for identifying user needs. The UX researcher’s goal is to answer two questions. What do they want? This profile typically conducts interviews with people and searches for market data. It functions in a similar way to UX. They also conduct A/B testing to determine which patterns or designs work best for the user. The data collection is crucial for large companies as it allows the UX researcher to draw statistics and make recommendations about the design’s functionality.

The most commonly used tools for work are Paper, Mic, and Docs.


Many of you may have received job offers that included this description. Perhaps you don’t know what to expect from a front-end designer. The graphic designer is responsible to implement the product interface in a functional manner. Usually, the UI designer will pass a static mock to the front-end developers who then transform it into an interactive experience. They also code the visual interactions that are created by the motion designer.

They use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as their primary work tools.


A product designer is a person who creates and designs the product’s look. The UI strives to maintain a certain aesthetic through all production phases. It is the product designer that creates the style that will be dominant in all subsequent creations. Always with the goal of creating that same line of coherence we spoke of before. This role is one of the most popular in design and the most versatile. The product designer might do some code, research, create visual values, and design interfaces. The product designer is responsible for identifying a need and solving it. This profile is often placed in charge of a project by companies to act as a link between all the designers. This is done to ensure that communication is fluid and that everyone is informed of any changes.

Be aware that not all designers are experts in all areas. Many expect a UX designer or UI designer will create the layout and refine the pixels to the desired format. It is a good idea to describe the functions that the professional will need to perform in advance.

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