Best Color Printer for Graphic designers

Best Color Printer for Graphic designers


Are you searching for the best color printer for graphic designers? We have compiled a list of printers. These printers are the perfect tool to help you print high-quality designs, especially if your profession is that of a designer, illustrator, or photographer.

There are many graphic design printers available on the market. They can be divided into two types: laser printers or ink printers. It is important to know how to select the right printer for your needs. A professional digital graphic designer printer is a great way to make your life easier, whether you’re already an illustrator. This note will show you a variety of graphic design printers. We hope you find the one that best suits your needs in terms of price, performance, print resolution, availability and spare parts, or compatibility with your cell phone or mobile device.

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Best Color Printer for Graphic designers

1. Canon PIXMA ip8750

This printer is without a doubt one of the most popular for graphic design. The Canon PIXMA ip8750 printer is one of the most powerful inkjets. It is an A3-type printer that is designed for high-quality prints. This printer is ideal for professional photography and can be called an art printer or digital graphics printer.

Many people would love to see the Canon PIXMA ip8750 as a copier and scanner, but its primary purpose is to print with the inks of the Gods. It is distinguished by 6 inks, which include a gray tone. This allows it to print with exceptional quality in all shades of color and black or white. This makes it one of the best professional printers for graphic design.

This printer is also ideal for graphic design because it has its own ink system. If it runs out, you can replace it with another color.

Professional printers for graphic design have one thing in common, the Canon PIXMA ip8750’s printing speed is very fast and quiet. Covers A4 ISO ESAT 14.5 IPM black and white/10.4 IPM color documents You can also print with optional XL or XXL type inks.

This graphic design printer is compatible with the PIXMA Printing Solution app and has a wireless connection that can be used with tablets and smartphones.

  • apple air print,
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Wireless PictBridge

This graphic design printer will make photographers feel like they are in their own world. Photography is complex and requires perfection in every phase in order to achieve the best results.

Fernando O’Farrill, Professor of Digital Photography, says that photography is more than just pressing a button. Printing is just one aspect of the whole photographic process.

2. HP Envy 6420 all-in-one inkjet (5SE45B)

This printer is for graphic design and it follows the HP Envy6420. It brings many improvements that you should use.

These are some of the features that you need to consider when buying this printer:

  • You can print with the HP Instant Ink system for 6 months.
  • This multifunctional printer is capable of printing, copying, and scanning, unlike the model before it.
  • This printer is great for photography because it prints at 8/4 ppm (black/color). It’s ideal for projects such as creating a digital portfolio.
  • This printer is ideal for those who love nature and want to print graphics that support the environment. It is made from 20% recycled plastic.
  • The automatic document feeder on this printer is a great option for graphic design. You don’t have to manually feed the sheets. The input tray can hold up to 100 sheets. This is a huge advantage when it comes down to printing.
  • It features dual-band Wi-Fi type connectivity and an automatic reset.

It is without a doubt one of the top options on this list. It also has a mobile app HP Smart that allows you to manage tasks, create copies, and share documents from your smartphone.

3. Expression Photo HD XP-15000

Graphic designers love this professional printer for graphic design. This is primarily because of the 6 individual ink tanks that produce high-resolution images.

The HP Photo is able to work with standard and heavy-weight paper. This makes it both suitable for professional and home use. This printer is also great for graphic design because it can print up to 800 pages.

It also has an Ethernet interface and a Wi-Fi connection. This makes it compatible with Windows and Mac. What more can you ask for?

4. Epson Expression Premium XP-7100

We have already mentioned many ink printers, but we’ll be focusing on lasers. This Epson model is the smallest, and it can be easily placed anywhere.

This printer is a great option for graphic design. Epson has mentioned that it is a multifunctional printer, which can be used to print flyers, and advertising cards, and even scan and photocopy documents. It is ideal for work environments.

This small Epson printer’s best features include touch screen navigation and interactive printing. You can also use this printer as a graphic designer without needing a desktop computer. It also supports mobile printing which gives you greater flexibility and speed for your printing.

This printer is different from other graphic design printers. It has an automatic document feeder, and two paper compartments: one in front and one in the back.

We’ll save the best for the last: the Epson printer has an Amazon Dash Replenishment system that detects when ink is low and sends an order to Amazon. This is not surprising.

5. Brother HLL8360CDW

This printer is the most popular for graphic design in Laser technology. You can print at speeds up to 31 parts per million (ppm) monochrome and color. This is a great printer for professionals who need to print flyers or advertising cards. The touch screen is similar to a cell phone or mobile phone and it’s easy to use.

This printer is ideal for graphic design. You can print on both sides of the page without any problems, in black and white or color. This laser printer for graphic design can print on both sides of the paper. It can produce up to 4,000 prints per month.

It can also be used as a printer in small- to medium-sized print shops.

You can also connect it to any other device via the Ethernet or Wi-Fi systems. It comes with a number of security tools, including a directory authenticator, which blocks functions and a security protocol. This ensures that your data is protected and you are secure in using the printer.

6. Canon Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw

Another graphic design printer you should consider is the Canon Color ImageCLASS. It has an integrated application library that makes it easy to connect your work. It is an excellent multifunctional printer and it can also fax. This is a great addition to office work.

The 5-inch touchscreen of this laser printer is intuitive and has a similar color to smartphones. This Canon Color ImageCLASS is a great alternative to traditional printers that make Wi-Fi difficult. It has an instant Wi-Fi access point and does not require any external router.

This professional graphic designer printer is known for keeping productivity high and avoiding waste of support resources. Its strong point is its intuitive maintenance videos. These videos will guide you through small maintenance tasks without the need to call technical support. It’s a real-time- and money-saver!

It allows you to scan documents and convert them into digital files that can be sent by email. This speeds up the process of completing tasks at home or work. It makes it simple to connect to mobile apps to print.

This graphic design printer is able to save print cartridges by printing faster thanks to its all-in-one efficiency. This is why it is a top-rated printer for graphic designers.

This printer features an information security system to ensure that documents are not lost or damaged for long periods of time.

Both sides can be printed at a speed of 2.3 seconds per sheet. Dash Replenishment smart order system is also available. This graphic design printer can measure ink levels and place orders when activated. There are many features!

7. Canon Pixma ix6810

Graphic design is possible with one of the top printers, especially if:

  • Graphic designer (obvious).
  • Photographer
  • Artist

The highlights of this printer. The most obvious feature is the large feeding system that can accept many paper finishes.

This is a crucial point, as it gives you the flexibility to use inexpensive office paper to create drafts and to make high-quality presentations. You will not see the paper get stuck in your head because Canon is a reliable printer.

We can also highlight the following advantages of one of the top printers for graphic design:

  • It is extremely compact and offers high performance.
  • It allows you to share via wireless and Ethernet connections.
  • It is made of high-quality prints that leave no residues.
  • The system includes 5 separate inks that can be individually replaced. Optional XL or XXL Inks allow you to print more with less.
  • Print documents quickly.

8. Canon PIXMA Pro-100

The Canon PIXMA Pro-100 is a professional-level printer for graphic design. It is one of the most prestigious printers in this area.

We can first highlight the 8 color inks that this printer has. These inks are based on printing inks that are vibrant. You can also use it with 3 grayscale inks for printing in black or white.

This printer for graphic design will produce a high-quality job that is professional and of excellent quality. If you need more detail, the printer can print at 4800×2400 DPI. It can also print up to 13″x19” in size.

Want to find out what other advantages you have with this graphic design printer type? We’ll tell you:

  • You can also print from your smartphone, computer, or tablet wirelessly. It doesn’t matter if you use photo services or cloud storage.
  • It can be easily integrated with a professional editing program.
  • It can be used with many types of paper from Canon and other manufacturers.

This model is a must-have when it comes to the best printers in graphic design.

9. HP ENVY 7155 Wireless Multi-In-One

This printer is for graphic design and appears to be replacing another. The HP Envy 4520 is the printer in this instance. Are you interested in learning more about the services available to you?

We want to highlight the fact that this printer model is more compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth. It prints at a much faster speed than any other printer.

Its price is one of its greatest virtues. At $89 USD it makes it one of the most affordable printers available. The downside? The bad?

10. Canon Color ImageClass MF733Cdw

This is the top-rated laser printer for graphic designers. This is a true all-in-one model and one of the best on the market. The Canon MF733Cdw is also a great option.

According to Canon, it prints 28 pages per minute. It can hold up to 850 sheets. A real luxury!

This graphic design printer is ideal for small jobs. It prints in 9 seconds or less. The printer’s direct Wi-Fi connection makes printing much easier and more enjoyable.

Canon printer models that are not wasted, and that have a guarantee of up 3 years in many countries, (pay attention).

11. Lexmark CS417dtn Color Laser

This list also includes a color laser printer. We mention the CS417dtn model below.

This printer is ideal for graphic design-focused SMEs. This model is a great choice for small and medium-sized businesses due to its speed and ease of use.

Want proof? This model can print more than 30 pages per hour and is recommended to produce up to 75,000 pages each month.

Its speed makes it the ideal choice for printing proofs, but it also works well with everyday printing. You should be aware that you can only print pages related to this particular model if you take precautions.

12. HP DeskJet 2720e All in-One Printer

We have here one of today’s most beloved graphic design printers. Its versatility and multiple uses make it a favorite among the public.

The printer can be used for various purposes like printing, scanning, and copying. This printer can print in black-and-white or color duplex manually at a speed of 7.5ppm in black-and-white and 5.5ppm color.

We also highlight these features as some of its virtues:

  • The printer can request ink automatically before running out, which makes it easy to use. The HP Smart app allows you to manage all printing, copying and scanning directly from your smartphone.
  • It has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be linked with the HP Smart App, as mentioned above.
  • The cartridges are environmentally-designed and contain more than 80% recycled plastic.

Key points to remember while purchasing a Printer

  • The high cost of ink cartridges will not affect your budget.
  • The higher resolution and sharpness of a graphic designer printer with more ink cartridges, the better. It is best to have individual cartridges so that you can change tones faster and avoid overruns.
  • The size of the print does not impact its quality. However, it is true that your workspace requirements will dictate the type of print you choose.
  • The ideal digital graphic design printer allows you to use the paper you need, whether it’s photographic paper, A3-type, or heavier paper.
  • You must also consider the cost of printing graphic design materials, as this determines their functionality and enhances them. It is therefore important to balance the cost of the models available and your budget.

These printers are, in general, the best for graphic design. They can produce excellent results regardless of whether they’re inkjet or laser.

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