How to create Motion Graphics for Instagram

How to create Motion Graphics for Instagram? 3 Fast and Easy Methods


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in recent times. It has the ability to attract users and make them spend hours and hours on the platform. And if you want to attract more people then the best way is to make use of reels and stories. Some of the most engaging reels and stories consist of motion graphics in one form or another. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to create motion graphics for Instagram that can be utilized in reels and stories. 

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How to create Motion Graphics for Instagram?

It is a network that is continually updating itself and due to the number of users creating content, every day it is a little more difficult to attract the attention of the public among so many offers.

That is why it is important to be aware of the number of tools that they offer us in order to create unique content that makes us stand out from the rest and capture the attention of our followers.

We know that one of the most important things for the Instagram algorithm is to generate interaction within the platform, it is a SOCIAL NETWORK for a reason.

And one of the Instagram tools that give us the possibility of being in direct contact with our followers is Instagram Stories.

But… How do we make sure that our stories do not go unnoticed? How can we make people who see us decide to send us a message, react to our stories, or interact with the polls or question stickers that we use? The answer is “ creating content that captivates them ”.

The content we create for Instagram should not only be valuable and entertaining for users, but it also has to be visually appealing. After all, Instagram is a purely visual social network.

And one of the easiest ways to create reels and stories that are captivating and make use of motion graphics is to make them directly on your phone. Let’s take a look at the best apps for creating motion graphics for Instagram reels and stories.

Best Apps To Create Instagram Stories with Motion Graphics

Animated Story

We must say that the developers of this app didn’t bother thinking about the name, but without a doubt, it is one of the best for creating stories with movement.

Animated story is a free app, although it also has a premium version that can be accessed by paying a monthly or annual membership.

In any case, the free version is more than enough, since it has more than 100 templates available.

The Google Play Store has a rating of 4.8 with over 20,000 reviews, which is an excellent rating.

What can you find in this application?

In the app, you will find:

  • Great templates, free and ready to create stories.
  • Access to PRO templates by subscription.
  • Ready-made templates for mood board animation; color palette.
  • Advertising templates for catalogs and stores.
  • Animations already created for photographs.
  • Possibility to change the duration of the videos
  • Settings to add text, change background color, font color, size, text animation, border color and shape, frame, and much more.


For a long time, it was my main app to create the stories of my trips. Like the previous one, it is free but it has some PRO templates that you have to pay for.

Something that I really like about this app, apart from the fact that it has very nice templates, is that it allows you to add music directly when editing the story.

MoStory has a 4.5 rating on the Google Play Store with just over 13,000 reviews, not bad at all.

This app to create moving Instagram stories allows you to:

  • Choose from over 300 templates.
  • Edit your photo with filters and effects (over 100 presets).
  • Browse from over 10 themes to choose from including film, magazine, minimal, Polaroid, travel, and more.
  • Select different text styles and over 200 animations to add to them.
  • Add copyright-free music.


Mojo is one of the apps to create animated stories with more downloads in the Play Store.

This popular app has over 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.6 with over 101,000 reviews.

I must say that it’s very good, that’s why I recommend it, but it doesn’t seem like the best of all to position it as the most downloaded. Still, the numbers speak for themselves.

This app will allow you:

  • Choose from 40 100% editable templates.
  • Select from 50 different text styles all animated and fully editable (font, color, size, position, and alignment)
  • Share on Instagram directly from the app.
  • Create your Instagram stories not only using photos but also videos.

There are many more apps, but the reality is that most of them do not have many templates or editing options, so I prefer to only show you the ones that I know are really useful.

Best Online Websites to Make Instagram Stories

Another way to create more personalized motion stories is to do it with Canva or InShot. These two platforms offer many more editing tools and are used for thousands of things, with which it is possible to create super professional stories, but you have to put in a little more work.

Hire a Freelancer

The aforementioned methods allow you to make stories with motion graphics on your own without making any investments. You have to do all the work. But if you are willing to spend then you can also hire a freelancer to make stories for you. You can easily hire a freelancer from the platforms like Fiverr. This way you can get your stories made by a professional designer.

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