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If you are looking forward to learning Graphic Design and do not know where to learn graphic design. Then you have stumbled across the right article to get your query answered. But, before anything else let’s talk about Graphic Design a bit.

Introduction to Graphic Design

Graphic Design is all about visual communication. It is a branch of design that revolves around generating visual and textual content to communicate ideas or messages. Some examples of these visuals are logos, page layout, advertisements, banners, etc. Graphic Design also incorporates various elements of design which are,

  • Color
  • Typography
  • Line
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Space
  • Texture

Along with said elements of the graphic design graphic designers have to adhere to principles of graphic design. These principles are a set of rules which act as guidelines to help achieve an effective design. Following are the Principles of Graphic design:-

  • Balance
  • Alignment
  • Proximity
  • Repetition
  • Contrast

Graphic design is used in different mediums ranging from print to web design to animation to motion graphics. So it also has different types too. Different types of graphic design are listed below:-

  • Corporate Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Web Design
  • Publication Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Packaging Design

The Different Tools and Software a Designer Needs

Now that we have taken a quick look at what graphic design is and its elements, principles, and types. It is time to get familiarized with the tools and software utilized by graphic designers to get the job done. One of the most essential and easily available tools used in graphic design is a Sketchbook. Designers regularly sketch out ideas and come up with rough designs on paper before working on the computer.
Nowadays almost all the designs are created digitally on a computer using designing software. The hardware required for the design can vary according to need and preference. But, when it comes to software there is some industry staple software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Indesign. Along with these paid software, there are free options available to choose from such as GIMP, Canva, Inkscape, and many more. For the purpose of getting ideas and inspiration designers utilize different types of websites such as Pinterest. And use different books on graphic design as a reference point for their design needs.
Now let’s get to the part about learning graphic design.

Where to Learn Graphic Design

With the increase in the requirement of graphic designers in the market and the great impact of graphic design on businesses, or organizations, and their brands. It is high time to learn graphic design. Like any other area of study, if want to specialize in graphic design you will have to study graphic design. Learning graphic design is seemingly easy nowadays, there are various options available for someone who wants to learn it. Let’s discuss what options one has to learn graphic design.

Best Websites for Learning Graphic Design

It is very easy to learn any new skill in this age and day, you can easily learn anything from the comfort of your home. And the main reason for such ease is websites that offer courses for learning, and polishing one’s skills. These websites usually work on a subscription model and some offer individual courses for purchase. Some of the best websites for learning graphic design are listed below,

  • Skillshare:- It was founded in 2010. And it offers more than 41,000 courses, with a user base of 8 million users. Skillshare is one of the most popular online learning platforms. Skillshare offers a 7-day free trial.
  • Udemy:- It is one of the largest online learning platforms. Udemy offers more than 183,000 courses with a user base of 44 million users. Udemy provides lifetime access to the courses that you have purchased. And it also offers a 30-day refund policy.
  • Coursera:- It is one of the most prestigious online learning platforms. Coursera offers various courses with specializations and degrees. It has partnered with more than 200 plus top universities and organizations. Other than this Coursera also offers more than 2,000 courses for free.
  • Domestika:- It online learning platform that offers courses on the most creative topics. Domestika has a pro subscription plan with the option to buy courses without a subscription.
  • LinkedIn Learning:- Lynda.com merged with LinkedIn to form LinkedIn Learning in 2017. It offers more than 17,000 courses and has a community of more than 700 million users in 200 countries worldwide. LinkedIn Learning offers a 1-month free trial.

Top Schools in the World for Graphic Design

Attending a school to study graphic design to make a career in the design industry is the best way to do things. Below is the list of Top Schools in the World for graphic design,

  • University of the Arts London:- UAL, or University of the Arts London is home to 18,000 students from over 130 countries. It is one of the most popular art schools in the world.
  • Parsons School of Design:- The Parsons School of Design is one of the first schools to apply practice-based collaborative learning. It is known for its Communication Design Programme.
  • Politecnico di Milano:- Politecnico di Milano is one of the most renowned colleges in Italy. The Communication Design Programme offered here is the same as a lot of graphic design programs offered in the U.S.
  • Aalto University:- The University was established in 2010, and has risen through the ranks due to its effective ways of teaching. Aalto University is known for its design program.
  • Glasgow School of Art:- One of Europe’s leading art schools, Glasgow School of Art offers various visual; creative disciplines oriented programs. The communication design program of the university offers three specializations.

Choosing the Right Type of Training For You

Studying and Learning a skill totally depends upon you and your preferences. Between online platforms and Schools, online platforms are much cheaper and more affordable in comparison to schools. And in terms of accessibility, you can study on online platforms from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. On the other hand, if you are going to join a school or college you may have to relocate in order to attend classes. One of the advantages that schools have over online platforms is that you will get a diploma, certificate, or degree by studying at school, whereas online platforms do not offer such things.

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