How to make it as a Freelance Graphic Designer?

How to make it as a Freelance Graphic Designer?


For those who are looking to break into the creative field, it can be possible to become a graphic designer or one who wants to pursue his passion. You also have the option to work as a freelance graphic designer. This article is all about how to make it as a freelance graphic designer, continue reading if you are thinking about making a switch from your job, or starting out.  

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Many companies have been entering the industry recently and are actively seeking graphic designers. Some companies are seeking a graphic designer to design a website or other promotional tools.

How to make it as a Freelance Graphic Designer?

You must prepare everything in order to become a freelance designer. This work can also generate a lot of income. You can immediately begin looking for a freelance job if you are skilled in graphic design. Pay attention to these tips.

1. Find your Skill Specialization

You must first identify your specialization to become a successful freelance graphic designer.

Illustration, marketing, advertising, and motion graphics are some examples of graphic design skills that could be used as references.

It can be helpful to highlight your experience in graphic design to help clients find your work.

If someone likes to design logos and layouts, then visual identity is a better choice.

If you are more interested in designing post layouts for Instagram and other social media platforms, consider a career in graphic design with an emphasis on marketing and advertising. It could be more relevant.

2. Create a Great portfolio

A portfolio is essential for anyone who is skilled in graphic design. Without a portfolio, how can clients learn about your abilities?

Graphic design freelancers will need portfolios in order to show their work to a wider audience.

There are many media options available, especially when creating a portfolio. You can use a variety of templates that are available on different platforms, for example. You can then simply put your design work into a template.

You can find some examples of the best graphic design templates on platforms such as Portfoliopen, Thebestdesign, and Portfoliopen.

3. Develop and Improve your Skills

It’s a great idea to spend some time in your spare time improving your design skills while you wait for the client’s work to arrive. You can either take a variety of online courses or use the Youtube platform to learn.

You can find many YouTube channels that will help you improve your design skills. Everything is free! These skills will make you more attractive to customers. More jobs will be created by the skills that are improving. Services will make customers more satisfied. It is a good idea to take advantage of your free time to learn new skills.

4. Take advantage of Freelancing sites

You can use a freelancer website to become a graphic designer freelancer. You can showcase works that you have created using the website. You don’t have to worry about it, there are many options available for freelance sites that you can use. For example, Freelancer, Guru, Upwork, etc. 

You can post your work to these sites and wait for clients to contact you about cooperation. Choose a platform for freelancers that is easy to understand. Make sure to complete the required column with your personal information. Don’t forget to adjust the price according to the market. Do not be too costly or too low.

Let the client choose the graphic design they prefer.

5. Create a large network

You can become a reliable graphic designer freelancer by building a large network. You can join online graphic design communities.

Learn and dig into the best online community. There are many people in the community who can share their knowledge and work together.

This could mean getting a job once you have joined the community.

If there are any, you can also attend seminars and events in graphic design. Graphic design freelancers can create a better and more extensive network from this location.

6. Keep learning and prioritize patience

It is difficult to work with self-employed status. Be patient if the customer is not in touch. Continue to learn and expand your knowledge. This is essential to help you in your future career. Everything in the world requires a process. You can work freelance as a graphic designer, especially if you are self-employed. 

Do not wait to be hired. Instead, apply for full-time positions in related fields. Apply for jobs online using various sites. From Jobstreet, Glints, Indeed,, LinkedIn, etc. If you have any information on successful job openings, you can apply via email.

7. Be Happy

You must be happy when you do work. Particularly if you are passionate about the job. It is still a freelance job but it doesn’t necessarily come with a grumpy face.

There is always room for improvement and you learn something new every day while working as a graphic designer. Even if you are self-employed, be thankful you do the work you like.

8. Manage Deadlines

Do not be anxious or worried about deadlines. The deadline can be used as reinforcement to help you work efficiently and get the job done on time. A deadline is a challenge that must be overcome and worked on. It will be very rewarding. It is important to keep your head up and think positively.

It is difficult and full of challenges to be a freelance graphic designer. It’s not impossible. However, to be a successful freelance graphic artist, these are the few things you should know. So now you know how to make it as a freelance graphic designer.

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