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Beginners Guide: How to Design My Own Logo?


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If you are looking around asking How to design my own logo? then one thing is clear that you are not a graphic designer. And thank god that you found your way here somehow. In this Beginners Guide: How to design my own logo? you will learn all you need to know about designing a logo.

Let’s talk about WHAT IS LOGO?

In the simplest of terms, Logo is a symbol specifically crafted for the purpose of representing a business, or a brand. It is the very thing that dictates the overall branding, and the color theme of any business, service, or organization. Now think about the Facebook logo what colors does it have? Blue and white right. And check out the user interface of Facebook on your phone or computer, it is also blue and white. There are a few key things to remember about a logo that are as follows:-

  • A logo is the part of visual identity of any business, or organization it belongs to.
  • It should be well balanced in design.
  • A logo should be simple, yet memorable.
  • It should be relevant, the design of logo must have a clear purpose and should convey the targeted message.
  • Design of a logo should be unique that sets it apart.

Before starting the actual design process here are a few things you need to get done first. The task mentioned in the following list are basic tasks that even a non-designer individual can perform.


Get ready to do some grinding. Doing proper research is very essential for designing a logo. By researching you will find out which type of logo is trending, what type of logo your competition is using, and so on. It will also give you a great idea about what colors to use in the design. Solid research will help you get a great end product.


After doing research it is time to get some much-needed inspiration. So, start browsing through websites like Pinterest, Behance, and Instagram and look for logo designs. In doing so you will come across a lot of designs that will attract your attention. This way you can come up with the ideas for your own design. And can find things for it like color combination, font and so on.


Now you will have to sketch out some simple design ideas that you have in mind. Don’t worry about your drawing skills just get the ideas on the paper. Just try to keep the design clean, and simple. Draw every idea you have there are no good or bad designs at this stage. By drawing the different design ideas on the paper now you can easily choose a design that resonates the best with you.

The main goal of performing these tasks was to get to the point where we can easily explore the design options available to you. By this point, if you have done the task you will have a clear idea for your logo. Now you have made a selection of the design elements like color combination, font to be used, and so on.

Get the Logo made

Now, let’s talk about how you can get your logo design made. There are plenty of ways for creating a logo. Some of the popular ways of making a logo are listed below:-

Learn to use a Designing Software

Well, this is the most obvious thing that you can do if you want to make a logo design yourself. But it is the most time-consuming process as you will have to learn to operate a designing software from the scratch. But in the long run, knowing how to use designing software is a very helpful skill. The most popular designing software used for logo design is Illustrator, CorelDraw, Design Studio Pro, and so on.

If you really want to design a logo yourself then only learning the software is not enough. You will have to study graphic design, and learn about the basics of logo design too.

A great way to learn the use of software, and graphic design is by joining online classes. You can search for online courses at websites like Skillshare, Udemy, Domestika, and so on.

Use Online Logo maker services

If you want to make the logo yourself. Then you can make the design it with websites that offer Logo maker services. There are plenty of websites that offer these services like, Canva, Adobe Spark, Wix, and so on.

These websites have plenty of templates to offer for you to choose from. You can easily modify these templates according to your needs. You can make a good logo with these websites but designs based on templates have limitations. If you have a clear idea about what you want in your logo then there will be left something to desire for. You will be unable to achieve the design that you want. Just by using online logo maker services which are template-based.

Hire a Professional

If you don’t have the time to spare for learning the software and graphic design. And don’t want to be stuck with the limitations of the templates then you can hire a professional. By hiring a professional logo designer you can rest assured that your logo will look the way you envisioned it. You will just have to share the things and ideas you generated at the start. With his own perspective along with your data, the designer will be able to create a great logo for you.

You can use websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and so on to hire a professional logo designer.

Designing a great logo takes time and so does learning graphic design. Nowadays, it is not impossible to do the designing work for the non-designers due to sites, and services like, Canva. But nothing can beat the work of a professional. If you really embody the question How to design my logo? then you will have to learn graphic design and designing software. There are different ways of getting your logo design done. But if you truly want to do it yourself. Then you will have to learn a few new skills and have to put them to work.

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